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Bevzilla partners with chai tapris

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Under the collaboration with local tea stalls, Bevzilla aims to launch 100 tapris by the end of May and a thousand in three months

New Delhi: Bevzilla, a beverage company, has collaborated with local tea stalls, widely known as ‘chai tapris’, the brand announced in a press release on Wednesday. 

The target is to launch 100 tapris by the end of May 2023 and a thousand in three months in Delhi NCR, the company revealed in the release.

The brand will support cart owners by providing them with a range of resources including Bevzilla T-shirts, coffee, cups, marketing support, and training. With the aim to reach 10,000 carts in the near future, Bevzilla will also assist in selling cold beverages. 

With this initiative, the company aims to support small businesses and empower local chai sellers, ensuring that small businesses do not lose their relevance in the midst of the growing popularity of branded coffee and cafe culture.

Bevzilla aims to help these small businesses boost their profit margin by 50%, the release added.

“This is an initiative that has never been done before in India, and we have taken such a step to do our bit for society and give back to these Tapri Walas who have been serving us for a long time since we were kids,” said Anurag Chhabra, co-founder, Bevzilla.

“Improving the quality of beverages offered by Tapris to attract the new generation and compete with international brands is our primary motive. By helping Tapri Walas gain better margins and thrive, Bevzilla intends to contribute to community growth, preserve tradition, and foster a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for local businesses, which were becoming irrelevant amidst the growth of the branded coffee & cafe culture,” added Chhabra.

“We at Bevzilla are vigilant towards society and understand the challenges that small businesses are facing. Therefore, we want to do our part to help them thrive,” said Divisha Chaudhry, co-founder, Bevzilla.

Launched in September 2020 by Anurag Chabbra and Divisha Chabbra, Bevzilla is a Delhi-based beverage brand that aims to bring instant products to the customers such as coffee and milkshake cubes. 

In the last one year, the brand has managed to achieve 10 times growth, Anurag Chabbra, co-founder, Bevzilla told IndiaRetailing in an exclusive interaction. In January 2022, the brand clocked a revenue of Rs 22 lakh and by January 2023, it had touched Rs 2.2 crore, Chabbra added.

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