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JCB Salons chief executive officer Samir Srivastav quits

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Samir joined JCB Salons in 2014 and was instrumental in scaling the company network from 8 to 21 stores across Tier 1 cities

Bengaluru: Salon chain JCB (Jean-Claude Biguine) Salons India, said its chief executive officer Samir Srivastav has resigned from the company. During his nine-year service in JCB Salons, Mumbai-based Srivastav succeeded in scaling the company network from 8 to 21 stores across Tier 1 cities.

“My baby is grown-up now! Time to nurture another one! I would like to thank the JCB Paris and India promoters for placing their confidence and rendering their absolute faith in my vision for the brand,” Srivastav stated in a press release. “I am grateful for all the appreciation, growth and accolades during my stint at JCB. But life is all about moving forward, and I look forward to it.”

Srivastav brought the Trica Hair Clinic, a Korean hair cure company and On Demand Home Services under the company during his stint at JCB Salons.

“We were delighted to collaborate with Samir during these years in the evolution of the Biguine Paris brand in India, whose contribution to its constant influence was undoubtedly preponderant.  His investment, devotion to us, teams will mark the history of the establishment of the Biguine Paris brand in India,” said Thierry Donne, director general, JCB -Paris.

Founded in 1982, France-bared JCB Salon established over 400 salons across 20 countries. The company entered India in 2007 and currently operates 21 salons across India in Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru.

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