NRF 2023: Living in the Last-Mile Ecosystem

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A whitepaper by Brightdrop on achieving sustainable deliveries, improved efficiencies, and reduced labour costs

The whitepaper by Brightdrop released at NRF 2023: The Retail’s Big Show reflects on the challenges faced by e-commerce companies and fleets while offering sustainable deliveries, improving delivery efficiencies, reducing labour costs, and enhancing the customer experience. It further mentions data revealing how many people quit their jobs last year in the US along with other consumer surveys. It also gives a detailed report of struggles faced by companies and their labour while delivering packages to customers.

The report is divided into four parts depicting various data from delivery issues, the strain on drivers, and charging infrastructure service to suggesting ways to improve last-mile delivery. The four pointers include:

  • The Containerisation of e-commerce
  • Re-imagining Last-Mile delivery vans
  • Connected fleet management software
  • Charging infrastructure, service, and support

Download the whitepaper here.

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