NRF 2023 Insights: Top five ways to optimize labor costs and customer outcomes

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The whitepaper by ADP elaborates on how retail companies can manage their workforce with the right strategies for productivity and growth

The paper gives a peek into the struggles of companies to optimise labor for retail seasonality. It elaborates on how retail companies should manage their workforce with the help of five tenets to put their company on the right track.

The five tenets include:

  • Keeping pace with evolving market conditions
  • Predicting labor needs accurately
  • Aligning staffing to meet demands by location
  • Optimising staffing for demand by channel
  • Increasing scheduling visibility and flexibility (including self-scheduling) to improve employee engagement

The paper further suggests how retailers should pay attention to certain market trends that could affect their sales. It adds how it’s imperative that retailers adjust staffing numbers to accommodate slow times and busy times and shifts in shopping preferences followed by steps depicting how to increase scheduling visibility and flexibility to improve employee engagement. Download the full paper here.

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