Cocoberry launches its second store in Kolkata


The frozen yoghurt brand’s new outlet is located at Purna Das Road, Kolkata

Bengaluru: Cocoberry, a homegrown frozen yoghurt brand, launched its second store in Kolkata. Located at Purna Das Road the brand hopes to attract customers from neighbouring, heavily populated areas.

“This is only the beginning. Cocoberry is rapidly expanding in Kolkata, and the brand is aiming to expand further across India. I am pleased with Cocoberry’s accomplishments and milestones, which would not have been possible without a team like ours,” said Laksh Yadav, chief executive officer of Cocoberry.

The company opened its first store in Kolkata in the year 2021 and is situated at Gurusaday Dutta Rd, Ballygunge, Kolkata.

Cocoberry offers customized smoothies that contain yoghurt, fruit, and cereal, along with yoghurt-coated energy bars and herbal drinks. It also offers home delivery services.

Cocoberry was launched in February 2009 in Delhi and has earmarked an investment of close to Rs 120 crore for expansion in the next two years. Currently, the company is planning to set up the franchise in new markets spanning across the country, covering locations such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Jammu and Kashmir.

In January 2022 the brand opened a new store at Andheri West. Read more about it here. It was the 23rd outlet of Cocoberry and in the span of one year, the brand has doubled its number of outlets.