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‘Consumer Campaign, Consumer Sentiment & Brand Understanding’

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Consumer campaign is not just about buying bytes of media offline or online and getting hits on your website. It is much more than that. It is about defining your Target Audience. This audience might or might not be your tenant or buyer today, but they are the ones who resonate with the ethos of your brand. They will turn either into a buyer, associate, tenant or influencer for your propositions.

A real estate brand needs to know its target audience, their loyal followers, their demographic, their lifestyle, income group, location etc. This then enables a consumer campaign that constitutes the real genuine USP’s tangible and intangible which form the ethos of the brand.

We, as a real estate brand, have a beautiful history, trustworthy legacy, a track record of delivering landmarks and innovative futuristic buildings. Our corporate collateral’s showcase this to a much larger audience. This is an ongoing infinite process, includes multiple mediums, and goes farther than the plans of all current projects. This communicates things through feelings, intangible values that go beyond a pitch to lease or buy or invest. This is done to form a family of loyal brand followers who connect with the brand as they would connect with an individual.

Designing a Campaign

When designing a campaign for a particular project, our aim is to present the values which resonate with the audience for that project, what drives a customer to tell his family or friends about it or how s/he can imagine investing in it or occupying it. It is pertinent that any project is envisioned not because it is in a growing market with good sales at a particular time, but because it fulfils an underlying need, solves a problem, creates convenience and enables uplifting a particular society to make it better.

When we think like this, we begin to influence the design of the building we meant to create and then connect what we create with the audience is very unique.

So for example, at our mall IRIS Broadway, the intangible connection we have created through incorporating mood-lifting artworks and installations. We plan special culture-specific activities on weekends and occasions to enhance the experience of mall-goers. Special outdoor areas are ample with landscapes for people to come back again and again. Specially designed indoor/outdoor adventure zone with cinema, ample F&B and shopping.

The very design of this mall was to re-invigorate a primarily residential area with few options to entertain the catchment.

The Ethos Behind IRIS Broadway

  • IRIS Broadway, Gurugram is a convenient, one-stop neighbourhood destination for over 4 lakh people. It is the chosen centre in the whole area due to its location, ease of parking, brand mix and our exclusive brand mix only available to them in the immediate 5 km radius.
  • The mall is fortunate to have footfalls and spending returns to near normal due to its unique positioning as the only focused neighbourhood high-street with convenience, F&B, entertainment in the whole vicinity.
  • The brand is focusing on the original plan to get all value for money driven players available in central shopping hubs to this vicinity and is very confident that IRIS Broadway will soon be one of the landmark projects of Trehan Group.





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