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How a brand like Inorbit Malls addresses the significance of women

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Women across the world have been encountering various gender-based prejudices, and even today, continue to struggle in attaining equality. International Women’s Day is one day that commits to acknowledging the importance of women and their extraordinary capabilities that deserve to get equal recognition. Brands are adapting to creative approaches to celebrate International Women’s Day thereby extending opportunities for all the women to make the optimum use of the special day. Sales, discounts, offers, fun activities, free merchandise and selective services are some of the most popular methods adopted by brands to appreciate womenkind. Additionally, in recent years, Social media posts by brands are another form of expressing sentiments which have now become a primary mode of communication for corporates.    

Inorbit is one brand that has made a mark amongst popular mall properties in India, not only as a source for providing leisure to its visitors but also in catering to its employees and other associates. Women play a significant role in making Inorbit malls what it is, due to which Inorbit always attempts to come up with ways to cherish and support women through various initiatives. One may have encountered that Inorbit malls have always recognized the extraordinariness of women by unique ways of celebrating days dedicated to women such as Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.

With an aim to suppress gender bias, Inorbit orchestrates ‘Women only Recruitment Drives’ to encourage more women to join the organization. In addition to hiring initiatives, Inorbit equally emphasizes on retaining the existing women employees with Career Resilience Program ‘Inorbit Relaunch’ by providing relevant training to women who rejoin the work after taking breaks due to marriage or motherhood. 

Under the practice ‘Women of Inorbit’, WOI Talks are arranged by Inorbit which are inspirational sessions with leaders from different walks of life, employee sensitization workshops around forward-thinking topics like unconscious bias, and leadership and mentoring programs for women are some of the many efforts to foster a supportive, positive environment to strengthen the diversity and inclusion culture. Several management development programs are also arranged for promoting women employees, thus encouraging and preparing them for next level leadership roles.

Multiple workshops like ‘She Matters’ by CII Indian Women Network (IWN) Maharashtra with a focus on the Health and Wellness of Women, Virtual Learning Session on ‘Women Leaders Matter’ by Harpreet Ghumman, Exclusive Webinar for Women – Emotional & Physical Wellbeing, Power Dressing Workshop to spur confidence, etc. are few examples of distinct arrangements by Inorbit to inspire women employees.    

Fab Women, an Inorbit Women’s Connect Group was established to spread knowledge among women employees in the company. Inorbit also incorporated Aanchal Maternity Support Programme to help expectant mothers to achieve work-life balance. 

‘Positive Parenting Theories’ is a set of workshops that are organized for the employees and their children with sessions ranging from career counseling to child psychology. 

Inorbit is committed to empowering women in various ways, particularly by influencing the presence of more female employees. This practice has earned the organization recognition by ‘India’s Best Workplaces for Women – 2020’ by Great Place to Work Institute and ‘Best Inclusive Workplace Award 2019-2020’ at TRRAIN Retail Awards. Additionally, under the umbrella of the Women Emerging Leadership Campaign, Inorbit develops and nurtures women leadership from within the team, thereby not only appreciating the presence of Women Leaders but also celebrating their success. In 2018, Inorbit participated in ‘Pinkathon – India’s Biggest Women’s Run’ by the United Sisters Foundation and organized by Maximus Mice and Media Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Just like many corporate brands, Inorbit understands the significance of celebrating women. Although we have one official day dedicated to celebrating women across the world, it is simply not enough to comprehend the value of women. The appreciation should continue to flow every day of the year. 

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