Festive Gifting: Bringing back the cheer dulled by the pandemic


Consumption patterns have changed significantly during the festive season so far, led by lockdown restrictions and lifestyle changes.
“India has gone into the unlock phase and profit-making activity has normalised to a certain extent. Major players across sectors are expecting a sizable demand to be back on track in this festive season,” says a Snapbizz report titled SnapPulse.
COVID-19 era has changed the way consumers purchased their groceries in the following ways:
– what they bought (product mix),
– how they bought (frequency of
– purchases/visits, size of each purchase) and
– from whom they bought (online/ offline).
“Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are seeing that the consumers are making certain trade-offs in terms of spends during the festive season. Due to the lockdown/ movement restrictions/ lifestyle changes, they are spending more on certain categories and reducing their spending on certain categories for the festivals,” the report further reads.
Gifting – An Intrinsic Feature of Festive Season
The festive season is a time of spreading joy and happiness and gifting has become an intrinsic feature of this season. Festive season, through the medium of gifting, helps in nourishing our connections and this is a theme that plays across all product categories.
Both retailers and manufacturers aver that gifts have come to occupy an important part in our lives and gifting builds human relationships.
According to a report by InMobi, “This year, Indian consumers will spend Rs 15,000 on an average, the majority of whom plan to increase their budgets from the last year. Despite the pandemic, this presents a tremendous opportunity for retailers to connect and engage with their existing and potential customers.”
As consumer today have high expectations and at the same time are looking forward to innovation in terms of new line of gifting options in place, retailers, brands and manufacturers hope to do significantly more business than in the regular months and are nursing high hopes from the ensuing festive season in terms of better sales traction, consumer connect, branding, etc.
Shoppers enjoy the mass festive sales as many of them hunt for good bargains and merrily part with their money in festive cheer. To meet this trend, retailers will be brimming with new items and will see the return of favorite hot sellers from last year to
satisfy the overall gifting needs. The stores will also be decked up during this period to convey the joy, happiness and spirit of the season.
Food Category: Offering a Plethora of Gifting Options
Food has always been a popular gifting category irrespective of any season. Sales of food items have always been very profitable during the festival season. The credit for higher sales during the period is due to the exciting range of products alongside attractive offers by retailers. Not surprising that retailers, manufacturers and brands are focusing on coming out with attractive gift packs and new product launches.
The festive season is also important for F&B companies to assess their future sales and growth plans. Their focus is going to be on new product launches in the branded category to attract consumers. Many companies use festivals as a connection moment with consumers to launch new packs.
With gifting being an indispensable part of the festive season, gifting in the food category has traditionally been dominated by sweets, dried fruits and chocolates. However, in recent years, the gifting segment has grown and expanded considerably
and now includes myriad product categories, even within the food segment. No wonder that markets suddenly come alive with an array of ‘giftables’ during the festive months. Though the season continues to be strongly dominated by sweets, chocolates, dry fruits and snacks, sales of non-traditional products like tortilla packs, exotic teas, coffee and fruits, jams, honey, saffron, marshmallows, crackers, sauces, wines, etc, have picked up sharply in recent years.
Today, gift-ready packs, high on hygiene and variety, have successfully engaged the consumers, and helped companies like Nestle, Britannia, Perfetti, Mondelez gain a bigger market share during the festive season.
Consumer gifting in food space is a very big market and growing at a very healthy rate. Therefore, in spite of competition, brands with good positioning and differentiators are growing quite well. While most brands continue to focus on quality and packaging and on new promotions to create excitement with the trade and the consumers, they are also focusing on developing value offerings and product lines with the affordability mindset in order to drive higher sales.
FMCG companies like PepsiCo, Parle, CocaCola are gearing up to offer innovative gift products during the festive season, apart from their regular product offerings. New product innovation, creating consumer mindset about new products, enhancing the reach through both e-tail and retail, designing variety options, and bundling products based on consumer preference are the focus areas for players wishing to tap new consumer segments during the long festive season.
Festive Gifting: What is in Vogue?
Customers are moving towards gift items that are personalized, classy, have a good shelf life, and which come in attractive packaging. The gifting industry in India has registered a strong growth over the past decade thanks to rising income levels and aspirations. The evolution of the Indian customer has played a key role in bringing about this change, as this customer has both the willingness and the ability to pay for innovative products. The surge in economic growth, rising disposable incomes and aspirations, increasing exposure to global trends, and long-distance gifting are some of the factors bringing about this shift towards premium upgrades.
At the same time, personal gifting is on the rise and an ever-higher number of occasions are being added to the tally. The consumers of today want a touch of style, uniqueness, and personalization in their gift items, in order to match their status.
The market is currently experiencing a revolution, with new product innovations, both in the food and nonfood segment, accompanied by attractive packaging. Food gifting has a wider ambit and includes innovative hampers for such occasions as birthday, festivals, etc. as well as various product types including fruit hampers, cookies, organic food, coffee and tea, cheese and meat hampers, wine, different types of cheese, jams and jellies, etc.
Festive Gifting: Trends
Visual appeal: Brands have also used attractive packaging to bring about this transition among consumers. Most of the decisions about food gifting items take place in stores and packaging plays a key role in these fast, split-second decisions. Increasingly, companies are innovating with their packaging to underline their premium nature, adherence to food protection and safety standards, dynamism, the spirit of the occasion, etc. Given the importance of packaging in promoting sales, companies hire design teams and artists to create the right concept. Design, colors, and imagery play a vital role in this design process.
Readily Available: It is worthwhile to note that only those companies that pay attention to their supply chain can reap exponential benefits during the festivity period. The adage ‘supply creates its own demand’ can come true in the festive season with companies whose products are readily available scoring higher in terms of customer preference.
A Click Away: Another trend, which largely mirrors other categories, is the rising importance of e-commerce in the gifting space. Large e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal have specific sections dedicated to gifting. At the same time, most players in the offline space are widening their online presence to capture the online gifting space. The offerings on
these websites include bakery products, assorted chocolates, confectionary, dry fruits, sweets, and other gourmet products, apart from other categories like flowers, jewellery, watches, etc.
With so much at stake and so much to look forward to during the months ahead, the festive season this year has lots of promise in store for all – producers, consumers and retailers. In the pages to follow, read about what retailers and brands are proposing to do this festive season to woo consumers and make them shop like crazy.

1. Candor Foods Offers Healthy Options for Everyone

Company & Brand Profile
Candor Foods Pvt Ltd was established in 2013. It is in
the business of processing and packaging dry fruits,
dates and nuts. It is a vibrant company that strives to
provide its customers with products of global standards.
It is strategically located in the heart of Mumbai’s MIDC,
Industrial Zone. It has direct import relations with partners
based out of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, UAE, USA
and Israel. A stellar cold storage and state-of-the-art
processing and packaging facility enables the brand to
leverage competency across quality, volume and price.
The facility which is spread over 34,000 sq. ft.., has been
BRC certifi ed for food processing and packaging.
Festive Season Gifting Range
The brand has a wide range of festive packaging this year.
It will consist of dry fruits, trail mixes, fl avoured makhanas,
mukhwas/ mouth fresheners, assorted stuffed dates,
roasted fl avoured peanuts, badam kesar pista mix and
much more. Keeping the pandemic in mind, the brand has
designed these to encompass health and happiness as
most people prioritize good health even higher now.
Why Candor Foods for Gifting
The food products are healthy, fun and suit any age from
children to elders.
What’s New
The brand has created interesting gift hampers with the awareness that this year, people will not be socializing much at Diwali parties or gatherings, but they will definitely want to send their loved ones specially curated gifts. These assorted hampers have a mix of dry fruits, nuts, trail mixes, mouth fresheners, date balls, dates, energy bars and so much more.
Since the brand deals in healthy products like dates, dry fruits, nuts etc., they have curated product line to be indulgent yet healthy. Dates are very healthy, and they have created assorted dates stuffed with dry fruits and nuts and similarly created assorted date balls. The trail mixes and mouth fresheners with seeds, dates and dry fruits, energy bars and healthy snacking options are all created with the same goal in mind.
Categories on Offer
– Assorted nuts flavoured and roasted
– Assorted dates stuffed with nuts, chocolates
– Assorted date balls
– Assorted energy bars
– Assorted mukhwas
All products are handpicked and specially designed for
customers, families and friends.
Contribution To Overall Sales
Last year, festive season sales contributed 15 percent of the overall sales, however, this year the brand is expecting it to be around 4-5 percent.
Retail Reach of Gifting Range
The brand has already started working on it and will complete the range by end of September. The wide range will be available on online platforms and retail stores by mid-October.
Plans for Communicating Gifting Options to Consumer Base
Social media of the brand is strong, and it will also be available on Amazon.com
Expectations from Gifting Season 2020
The brand wants to offer people the opportunity to share love and appreciation for their loved ones in the midst of these trying times. Health is the most important thing and food can be a way of offering comfort and affection. It hopes its customers will find that sense of comfort and love in their gifting creations.

2. Dukes Gifting Range Offers Superior Quality Products at Best Value

Company & Brand Profile
For 30+ years, Ravi Foods Pvt. Ltd. (RFPL) has been a dominant player in the baked items and confectionery industry with products ranging from biscuits, cookies, wafers to chocolates, candies and confectionery. Dukes has a big chunk of market share in wafer category with Dukes Waffys its flagship brand.
Festive Season Gifting Range
This festive season is different from usual Dussehra and Diwali. COVID-19 and resultant lockdowns have substantially affected consumer confidence, yet, they will want to give the best to their dear ones. Be it online or offline shopping, Dukes believes in
giving the best value and best quality to consumers.
The brand has a special gift theme called ‘Joy of Gifting’.
For this festive season, the brand has special packs of premium range of chocolates and biscuits. The products are available at all modern trade formats and e-commerce brands.
Products on Offer
The following are the main products under ‘Joy of Gifting’:
– Truffel-9
– Cookie Empire
– UTSAV Danish Butter Cookies
– Rich Dry Fruit Collection
– UTSAV Feasts of Festivity Waffy
Why Dukes for Gifting
The products are vouched for their taste, packaging is compact and eye catching, and the consumer gets value for money.
Due to COVID-19, consumers are wary of hygiene and safety. Dukes is following all the safety measures, moreover, all the products are double-checked for quality.
Corporate Gifting
The brand has extended its ‘Joy of Gifting’ range to corporate clients as well. Truffle-9, UTSAV, Cookie Empire and Rich Dry Fruits have always been liked by the corporate clients.
Contribution To Overall Sales
It will be more than 30 percent of total sales during festive
Retail Reach of Gifting Range
The gifting range will be ready by October first week and the retail reach will be A class, standalone outlets, modern trade stores and e-commerce. Plans for Communicating
Gifting Options to Consumer Base
Due to pandemic reach of digital media has exponentially increased and traffic on social media handles of the brand has also gone up, so it will aggressively promote the ‘Joy of Gifting’ range on all its social media handles and other digital platforms. Adding on to this, the brand is sending details of the range to the consumer base and also to all members of relationship matrix through SMS and e-mails. The brand will also advertise in print media and FM channels in metro cities.
Expectations from Gifting Season 2020
We live in a VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – world and the brand cannot make any kind of accurate predictions on how it is going to turn out. The brand expects a substantial increase in the demand of gifting products over e-commerce platforms.

3. The Green Snack Co’s Gift Range Has ‘Healthy’ Surprises

Company & Brand Profile
‘Healthy’ is still only a buzzword in the snacking industry. Most snacks available today are either unhealthy or don’t taste good. The Green Snack Co. was started to delight the taste buds of consumers and fill this need gap in the market – for tasty and healthy snacks. The Green Snack Co. provides flavour filled, crunchy and tasty snacking options while keeping them truly healthy. The brand helps consumers maintain a healthy lifestyle and give them the ‘freedom to snack’.
Festive Season Gifting Range
– Dark Choco Quinoa Puffs – Rs 199
– Fiery Spice Quinoa Puff – Rs 199
– Roasted Namkeen Khatta Meetha – Rs 99
– Roasted Namkeen Teekha Masala – Rs 99
– Quinoa Puffs Peppy Cheese (small canister) – Rs 99
– Quinoa Puffs Fiery Spice (small canister) – Rs 99
– Nuts & Seeds Mixes – Rs 99
– Festive box (Dark Choco + Fiery Spice) – Rs 499
– Diwali gifting box (7-8 products) – Rs 1,299 to Rs 3,999
Why Green Snack Co for Gifting
Giving healthy food/ snacks as gift is one of the best ways to show affection towards loved ones. By gifting healthy foods, consumers are not only giving something which would be beneficial health-wise but also showing care towards them. Plus a great packaging always adds up to the unboxing experience. The Green Snack Co. have made sure to create an amalgamation of both, product quality and packaging to give customers their best gifting experience because the brand believes in taking care of consumer’s health even while it is making moments for them.
What’s New
The new deluxe Diwali healthy munchies box comes with top seller products ranging from sweet, savoury to oh-so-spicy burst of flavours.
Categories on Offer
Healthy Snacks
Corporate Gifting
Almost all the range of products of Green Snack Co are perfectly suitable for gifting (wrt product quality and pack design). The best options with respect to size and convenience are the canister packs and the roasted namkeen bottle packaging because of its compact nature which easily fits in gift boxes. The
brand also curates a range of gift boxes basis special requirements.
Their nuts and seeds mix comes in a pocket friendly packaging which is also suitable for corporate gifting. Gifting Packs range between Rs 499 to Rs 3,999
Plans for Communicating Gifting Options to Consumer Base
In recent times, the brand has seen a major shift in purchasing platforms. Most of the shoppers are opting for online purchases. So, the primary focus of the brand would be to communicate through their online platforms. Communication about the gifting range, new gifting SKUs, offers etc. would be shared through social media, website, sites on which the brand is listed, e-mailers, online ads etc.

4. Kharawala Experiences Surge in Demand of Dry Fruit Gift Packs

Company & Brand Profile
Mumbai-based Kharawala Products is into the business of dry fruits for more than 30 years. The importer and whole seller of dry fruits has customer base comprising of top ice-cream brands to modern trade retail stores, hotel chains and restaurants to confectionary brands.
Gifting Range for Festive Season
Last year, the brand started the branded range of dry fruits which are nitrogen flushed packs. These premium looking packs are known for their quality.
Why Kharawala for Gifting
This year gifting enquiries for dry fruits have increased. Everyone understands how dry fruits help in building immunity and want to gift dry fruits as they are healthy, classy and one of the favourite gifts for the recipients.
Value Addition
Kharawala is perhaps the only importer in the industry which does customised gifting with MOQ of 5 pieces and give option of nitrogen flushed packs also. The brand believes that maintaining the quality is of utmost importance.
Categories on Offer
The brand has bifurcated its gifting range in terms of quality and gifting budget. For instance,
– Regular Range – Rs 200 – Rs 400
– Medium Range – Rs 400 – Rs 600
– Premium Range – Rs 600 – Rs 750
– Supreme Range – Rs 750 – Rs 1,500
– Exclusive Range – Rs 15,000 – Rs 20,000
Corporate Gifting
Corporate clients prefer a combination of dry fruits, chocolates, candles, pharma kit etc. The brand has successfully managed to collaborate with such industry experts and offer clients a bouquet of gifting varieties suiting their thoughts and ideas.
Contribution To Overall Sales
While gifting is an important and a very special segment of the brand’s business, it contributes only 10 percent of the total sales as the brand specialises in bulk sales to corporate, HoReCa and FMCG companies.
Retail Reach of Gifting Range
The brand has its own processing unit at APMC Mumbai, and it normally does have a turnaround of 10 tons per day. However, as the brand follows a conservative approach, it delivers in one week of receipt.
Plans for Communicating Gifting Options to Consumer Base
The brand has diverted all its marketing strategies to social media awareness and campaigns.
Expectations from Gifting Season 2020
Recession has impacted the purchasing power of customers. However, the brand believes that this year, customers will prefer to gift dry fruits more as compared to any other food products. we believe Gifting will be more of Dry fruits in comparison to other food products.

5. LAL Sweets’ Gifting Mantra: Good Packaging, Excellent Quality at Attractive Prices

Company & Brand Profile
LAL Sweets Pvt Ltd is into manufacturing of packaged Indian sweets. Bengaluru-based company has a marketing network across major metros of the country. It is widely present in all leading modern retail chains and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.
Festive Season Gifting Range
LAL is offering several sweets combos with good shelf life for this season which will be easily available at all e-commerce websites.
Why LAL Sweets for Gifting
Good packaging and excellent quality at attractive price point.
What’s New
This festive season LAL is coming out with attractive gift pack offerings at price point as low as Rs 199 onwards.
All products of LAL are hygienically packed which offers good shelf life of around 2-3 months which is generally lacking in brands in the similar category.
Categories on Offer
A wide range of products would be sold under no regret offers like Buy 1 Get 1 which is easily available in major modern retail stores like D-mart, More, Star Bazar, Reliance Fresh etc.
Corporate Gifting
Corporates can have customised packs at product mix for themselves by reaching the brand at [email protected]
Contribution To Overall Sales
Generally, it contributes around 30-40 percent of overall sales during season.
Retail Reach of Gifting Range
Gift ranges would be out somewhere around 1st week of October and would be easily available with both online and offline retailers.
Plans for Communicating Gifting Options to Consumer Base
Prior communication will be made to our existing customers through SMS, e-mailers and social media page of the company.
Expectations from Gifting Season 2020
Expectations are not very high this year due to the pandemic, but we are geared up even if the demand turns up at end moment.

6. Lovely Bake Studio’s Range of Festive Delights are a Perfect Amalgamation of Modern Taste & Traditional Values

Company & Brand Profile
Lovely Bake Studio is India’s first-of-its-kind home of 100 percent eggless baking offering a range of trans-fat free assorted cookies, dry cakes, rusks, biscuits, Indian and international sweets, frozen sweets and snacks, festive gift hampers and much more. The products are made with top quality ingredients and dry fruits, hand-picked spices, original recipes and they are packaged in premium packaging for the freshest taste in every bite.
Festive Season Gifting Range
Lovely Bake Studio has an exciting festive gifting line up of 100 percent eggless and trans-fat free cookies made with premium dry fruits packaged in international round tin boxes as well as special festive packs.
Why Lovely Bake Studio for Gifting
The superior premium packaging and special festive theme designs makes the festive gift packs and hampers an ideal gift.
What’s New
The entire range of 100 percent eggless cookies are now completely trans-fat free too. The brand has also introduced special new festive flavours to make this season even more special.
Categories on Offer
A wide variety on offer includes luxurious assorted cookies, hand-crafted chocolates and dragees, dry fruit based sweet nutty delights, Indian mithai and international sweets.
Corporate Gifting
Lovely Bake Studio has an exclusive range for corporate gifting round the year. Along with the luxurious assorted cookies, hand-crafted chocolates and traditional Indian sweets, we also have an exclusive range of 100 percent eggless dry cakes in special gift packs. We are also offering customized flavoured dry-fruit thalls, Turkish baklava, organic cookies and green tea gift packs and much more.
Contribution to Overall Sales
The brand has seen the gifting category grow year-on-year basis for us. Last year, it contributed towards 40 percent of the overall sales during the festive period.
Retail Reach of Gifting Range
We intent to reach all stores 1 months prior Diwali and would be tying up with all major retailers with special focus on Punjab, Jammu and Delhi NCR along with other select cities around the country.
Plans for Communicating Gifting Options to Consumer Base
The brand has a varied mix of marketing activities planned to reach out to customers. It will be using its robust social media network to spread the message to potential customers. It will be introducing an active sampling programme across supermarkets to reach new customers. It will also be doing many ATL activities including print ads and hoardings in select cities. It will also be investing in various other online advertisements for spreading the word about their exciting festive gift offerings.
Expectations from Gifting Season 2020
The brand is expecting the gifting category to continue the growth trend as demonstrated over the last few years and contribute a larger share of the pie to the overall festive sales compared to previous years.

7. Tea Culture of the World’s Range of Teas Make For An Innovative Gifting Option

Company & Brand Profile
Tea Culture of the World is a premium tea brand conceptualized by Dr Rupali Ambegaonkar. Based out of Mumbai, the brand offers a collection of over 100 exotic whole leaf teas from select teas estates from around the world. All the teas are carefully curated, minimally processed to retain flavours and have health benefits. The brand aims to bring a unique all rounded tea experience by acquainting customers with everything tea – from recipes and tea accessories to tales about the luxury leaves.
Festive Season Gifting Range
With the festive season around the corner, teas from TCW make a perfect gift as they are crafted with artistry and intense passion, the blends enchant refined palates everywhere. Luxurious inside out, the brand has nested its teas in exquisite designer packaging that is inspired by Indian heritage amalgamated with elements from across the world to deliver an enriching experience.
The gifting range of the brand comprises of value packs, tea caddies, infusion, quiescence, bon vivant, heritage collection and customised tea trays and tea hampers.
Why Tea Culture of the World for Gifting
Customer can choose from over 100+ varieties of teas. These teas are blended with real ingredients and natural flavours. Gift sets are carefully curated with premium packaging to provide a luxurious experience.
What’s New
– Value Packs – Gifts that cater to all pockets
– Bon Vivant – Gifts for the tea aficionado
– Quiescence – Gifts for the tea connoisseurs
Customization of existing gifting range
The pandemic has brought a drastic change in people’s lifestyle and food choices. They are drifting towards healthier and immunity boosting options. Tea Culture of the World has always been the frontier in promoting its teas for their health benefits along with their exciting and unique flavours. The brand believes in sustainability and promotes recycling of packaging material. It looks forward to be known for doing its bit for the environment.
Categories on Offer
Loose tea gifting, tea bag gifting and tea hampers.
Corporate Gifting
Some of our most loved gifts over the years are Fabulous Four, Everyday Elixir, Keepsake, Mini Leaf Tales, Day Break and Comforting Cuppas.
Contribution to Overall Sales
Festive gifting is a major contribution to the overall sales for the brand.
Retail Reach of Gifting Range
Different gifting options are available all year round.
Plans for Communicating Gifting Options to Consumer Base
Tea Culture of the World has been proud of acquiring its clientele through word-of-the-mouth marketing. The glowing reviews and references from the clients have been the source of the increasing success of the brand. Social media platforms, marketing e-mailers, radio, outdoor hoardings, WhatsApp marketing, magazines are some of the means of communication recently in use.
Expectations from Gifting Season 2020
The brand expects phenomenal sales to happen this year.

8. Stay Healthy with TGL Co’s Healthy Tea Range

Company & Brand Profile
The Good Life Company, popularly known as TGL Co. is the fastest growing hot beverages startup in India that sources the finest quality teas and coffees from around the world with deep focus on natural, fresh and clean ingredients.
Festive Season Gifting Range
The gifting range of products include Bridesmaids Bouquet, Assorted Aspirations, Imperial Treasure, Contemporary Classic, Eternal Elegance and Crafted Celebrations.
Why TGL Co for Gifting
The aim of the brand is to make health an indulgence with premium, high-quality beverages. It believes in converting a gift into a memorable experience by giving the finest teas in the world – perfectly suited for corporate gifts, Diwali gifts, wedding gifts, seasonal gifts, or for any other personal gifting.
What’s New
This festive season, the brand has introduced smaller retail packs to accommodate bulk gifting orders as its compact and can be very easily blended with other gift hampers. Also, the gift boxes will include a new range of specially curated festive teas. The brand is keeping the same packaging of the gift boxes.
To simplify the quest of finding an appropriate keepsake for any occasion, the brand offers a comprehensive gifting solution. It has different boxes, prices and sizes to suit each customer requirements looking for that perfect gifting option.
Categories on Offer
– Wedding – Bridesmaid Boutique, Assorted Aspirations,
Contemporary Classic
– Festive – Imperial Treasure, Crafted Celebration
– Corporate – Eternal Elegance, Imperial Treasure,
– Crafted Celebrations
Corporate Gifting
The brand provides customized gifting options with client’s logo for corporate orders. The brand has serviced several corporate clients before for bulk orders with customized tea options as well.
Contribution To Overall Sales
Compared to rest of the year the sales of gifting products in the festive season is 3X higher. It would be a challenge to achieve the same sales graph in the pandemic, but the brand is hoping for the best.
Plans for Communicating Gifting Options to Consumer Base
Due to the pandemic the major focus of the brand has shifted to digital space and it will touch base with its consumers and potential customers through engagements, offers and posts on social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the regular platforms, the brand uses to engage with audience.
Expectations from gifting season this year
The brand is expecting good numbers this year. While social distancing keeps people away during pandemic, the enchanting taste and aroma of the curated teas will bring them closer.