India’s promising consumer ecosystem has bolstered its attraction as a top emerging consumer market. The nation, over the past few years, has opened its gate to some of the biggest brands in the fashion world and their success has continually enticed others to explore the opportunities. The Indian consumer market grew fiercely post liberalization. And, after the global financial crisis of 2008, while the world’s major consumer markets – the US, Europe and even the Middle East – were reeling under immense pressure, the Indian market has not just been more stable but quite resilient. Naturally, it catches the fancy of foreign retailers and an increasing number of brands came forth to try their luck in the calmer Indian waters.

Apart from India’s rapidly expanding economy and consumption boom, one of the foremost drivers that propelled the nation to this vantage is the government’s continued support to relax FDI regulations in key areas of the retail sector.

Here is the list of the brands that entered India in 2019:

1. Uniqlo

6 global brands that entered India in 2019

In October, Japanese lifewear retail brand Uniqlo made its debut in the Indian market with its first store at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj.

Launching in this market for the first time, UNIQLO offers a new shopping experience to Delhi customers that showcases LifeWear, the company’s commitment to creating perfect clothing that meets the requirements of everyone’s daily lifestyles.

Commenting on the opening of the store, Tadashi Yanai, UNIQLO Founder and Chairman, President & CEO of the Fast Retailing Group, said, “Fast Retailing has long wished to open stores in India in view of the tremendous potential of such a large nation. We began recruiting here at the end of last year, and have been impressed by the exceptional talent, ambition and diligence of the young people we encountered and welcomed aboard.”

He added, “In the years ahead, we aim to enhance lifestyles in India by offering more innovative apparel that draws on the nation’s distinct culture and traditions. We wish to contribute to India’s economic development in the process.”

Spread over three floors and with a total retail space of 35,000 square feet, UNIQLO Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj welcomes customers with its stunning three-story high bay window façade. Interior designs vary by floor, moving from soothing elements with natural materials that integrate the Japanese and Indian aesthetic, to the high-energy LED ticker screen and stainless fixtures that convey a contemporary mood.

Yanai said: “Launching ourselves in Indian market is a step ahead towards globalisation. We aim to enhance lifestyles in India by creating more innovative apparel that draws on the nation’s distinct culture and traditions. We wish to contribute to India’s economic development in the process.”

He added: “21st century will be the century of India. Fast Retailing has long wished to open stores in India, in view of the tremendous potential of a nation of 1.3 billion people that generates annual GDP growth of 7 percent and has an average age of 27.”

Uniqlo started recruiting in India at the end of last year, he said, and was amazed to see the “exceptional talent, ambition, and diligence of the young people” he had met.

On being asked about his expectation about the business in India, he replied: “My curiosity about India goes beyond just business. India is a diverse market with many languages, ethnicities and history. Our focus will be to educate ourselves about the Indian consumers.”

2. Replay

6 global brands that entered India in 2019

Replay, leading Italian premium denim brand, in partnership with Reliance Brands Limited, opened its first store in India at Ambience Mall, Gurugram. The 1,200 sq.ft. store, combines the historical and iconic elements of the brand both for its materials, and for its furnishings, which are integrated into a completely renewed architectural space and confirms Replay’s constant focus on new trends.

Replay, known for its innovative flair, characteristic Italian design and the superb quality of its denim is a major player in international denim styling and production. The brand’s offerings in the Indian market include a wide range of denims, casual wear, footwear and accessories for men and women.

Matteo Sinigaglia, CEO of Fashion Box SpA, said: “I am very excited about Replay’s first store opening in India at Delhi-Gurugram. I am confident that our constant striving to deliver qualitative and innovative products will be in line with the consumers’ appetite for the highest standards in denim. Furthermore, it is a real pleasure to join forces with Reliance Brands Limited and I truly believe we are starting a wonderful journey together.”

Manu Sharma, Business Head – Replay India, Reliance Brands Limited said: “Replay is an iconic brand and we are proud to launch the first store here in Gurgaon. We are thrilled to introduce Hyperflex+, a premium super-denim that allows complete freedom of movement. We are sure this revolutionary denim range along with the striking casuals offered by the brand, rooted in its classic, vintage styling will excite our discerning customers.”

3. Trusox

6 global brands that entered India in 2019

Global sports brand, Trusox came to India after becoming the preferred socks brand for top international athletes across sports around the world.

Trusox is made for sportspeople by sportspeople. It is a revolution in the sports socks segment. It brings to India revolutionary, performance enhancing grip socks; maximizing the grip sportspeople get within their footwear. TRUsox® 2.0 use their patented IN//EXtech™, non-slip performance pads, on the inside and outside of the socks.

Originally, Trusox is an innovation by Jim Cherneski, a former footballer, coach and innovator of the Trusox technology. He first made Trusox from his home whilst playing and coaching Crystal Palace Baltimore (United States of America) Football Club. The idea had its first iteration in 2007, much before it was a company or even a brand that was soon worn by the best in class sportspeople in the world, and by 2013 have around 10 percent of the Premier League wearing it. Currently in football alone, there are estimates of over 45 percent of the English Premier League wearing it, whereas it is also widely used across other sports such as cricket, rugby, running, cycling, to name a few. Internationally, Trusox sells out of 1,000 stores; and in India Trusox is available on Amazon and

With close to million dollars USD investment by Sanil Sachar as the only Co-owner from India, talking about Trusox’s foray into the Indian market, said, “The technology is as proprietary as it can get. So much so, that internally we don’t even associate to these as socks. They are a sports performance equipment, nothing like there has been before in this space. Every team member, who is a part of our growth story has played sports at the highest levels, and understands that for a sportsperson to stay true to their performance, getting a grip on the game as they train is the number one step. The motivation is to make their best better, by providing state of the art apparel that just doesn’t look great but feels great too, through our proprietary technology. Having begun our journey with football, where we are proud to support the top footballers such as Gareth Bale, Raheem Sterling, Luis Suraez, to name a few, adorning and ruling over the football pitch wearing their Trusox, we are now present across the world in nine sports.”

4. LYN

6 global brands that entered India in 2019

For 18 years, the success of LYN has spanned across South East Asia region, making the brand reach number 1 in retail fashion accessory industry. With 50 stores in Thailand, 2 stores in Cambodia, and 10 stores in Vietnam and now in India, LYN is continuing to fulfill the needs of its fashion-forward consumers with this first store in India.

The brand was launched in 2001 to cater to ladies with an eye for fashion and trendy products. With the brand essence ‘Fashion as an affordable luxury’, LYN offers a wide range of fashion accessories from runway-inspired handbags and wallets, glamorous occasion shoes, to staple accessories from watches to eyewear, with on-trend designs that stand on four brand attributes: sophisticated, trendy, sexy, and elegant.

The brand has opened its first store at Select CityWalk Mall New Delhi.

5. Skagen Denmark

6 global brands that entered India in 2019

This Holiday season, Skagen Denmark – an unparalleled source of Danish style and culture announced the launch of its jewelry in India.

Skagen jewelry features purposeful designs that are reflective of the Scandinavian style – naturally modern, functional and simple. Taking inspiration from elemental delights brought around with the onset of seasons and nature, the color palette of each collection is unique to their time of the year. Ranging from delicate rings to earrings to necklaces to bracelets, the all-new jewelry collections represent eternal beauty.

Talking about the debut of Skagen’s jewelry line in India, Anita Vogel, Brand Director, Skagen Denmark – Asia Pacific said, “Skagen Denmark is today creating watches and jewelry with the design principle of Hygge and minimalist design. Hygge is a concept that is only known to Danes – it is representative of how you feel in a moment you want to last forever. We are happy to bring our jewelry to India that is based on simplicity — capturing only what’s truly essential in an uncomplicated, great-looking way.”

For 30 years, the brand has embodied the same creative energy that Denmark is known for – modern, fashionable and in the moment.

Talking about the association with the Danish Embassy, Johnson Verghese, Managing Director, Fossil Group, India said, “Our Danish design inspired watches have seen great success in India over the last 10 years and to celebrate this success and milestone we are extremely excited to launch our collection of Skagen jewelry in India. Our understanding of the modern Indian consumer has inspired us to bring in the globally accepted ethos of modern, functional and simple design through our jewelry.”

6. Parfait

6 global brands that entered India in 2019

US-based global size-inclusive lingerie brand, Parfait launched in India with distinctive designed lingerie to serve the full-busted woman with its expansive range of sizes. The brand is dedicated to helping customers find the perfect fit.

Parfait’s collections focus on both core and plus size customers, including 30 to 44 band sizes, D to K cup sizes, and M-4XL bottoms, making the brand a natural fit for India’s growing plus-size market. Headquartered in Los Angles, United States the company serves women across 20 plus countries through its 700 stores and online stores Worldwide.

The company’s venture in India is part of its global vision of delighting customers around the world through its products and services. Currently underrepresented even with overwhelming demand, at present more than 60 percent of women in India wear some amount of plus-size clothing. Parfait aims to fill this gap by offering their full-size range up to K cup and 4XL bottom (varying by style), available in silhouettes from bras to sports bras, boyshorts to high waist briefs, babydolls to bustiers.

The company has entered the country via 100 percent FDI. As part of its retail strategy the company will open shop in shop models in association with leading retailers across the country along with partnerships with leading e-commerce platforms and company website.

“Bringing Parfait to India allows our brand to continue fulfilling its mission in offering high-quality, stylish and affordable lingerie to women around the world. According to recent statistics, over 90% of Indian women are wearing the wrong bra size. We hope to help change this by our offerings and help millions of women throughout the country find comfortable, supportive, and stylish lingerie that renews their confidence, comfort, and health,” says Parfait CEO and Co-Founder, Ken Zhang.

Apart from its huge product offering parfait also aims to educate customers and assist them in making right lingerie decisions.

Parfait is hugely popular among press and celebrities globally. Parfait collections have been worn by top actresses and performers around the world including Ashley Graham, Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone, Nicki Minaj, to name a few.