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Berluti showcases its signature styles in Mumbai

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One of the world’s most iconic luxury footwear brands, Berluti, hosted an exclusive evening to showcase new styles to guests and present their signature technique of footwear tattoo artistry by Elena Lodiat Soho House, Juhu. Firmly grounded in bespoke know-how, Berluti took its technical skills and creative flair a notch higher by transforming the rules of style with tattooing.

The rare tattoo designs based on four themes: a classic bestiary of Insects & Animals, the signs of the Zodiac and the Chinese horoscope, vintage designs with Eagles, and the subtle art of Calligraphy can now be perfected on Berluti’s original and globally renowned Venezia leather. The noblest of all leathers, only Venezia leather sustains the creative audacity of Olga Berluti’s vision of art.

The design is crafted to meet the modern-day sensibilities of contemporary dandy men. Fire-breathing dragons, fantastic beasts, regal eagles, all the mythical creatures and several other esoteric designs can now be realized on the emblematic Berluti Venezia leather from shoes and handbags to belts and other small leather goods.

With this exclusive service, Berluti brings an even more bespoke look to an already-unique shoe.

Talking about the event, the only female shoemaker in the world Olga Berluti said, ‘’I always wanted to grace leather shoes with the markings of the skin; scars, gashes, branding, piercings. We have already mastered the color technique on the leather from bronze and brown to red and copper, and the dark blue of the Tuaregs. Only one thing was missing, the most obvious and most difficult: tattoos. I tried to tattoo shoes using every possible process, but the designs faded, the colors were lost beneath the patinas, and the tattoos had no “life” in them. However, my technique has evolved over the years and today I am using the exact same methods as tattoo artists, along with inks that work well with leather. I hope Berluti loyalists from across the world admire this new art.”

An exclusive Indian distribution partner of iconic global brands Bequest Group, Managing Director, Gaganmeet Singh said, “Luxury is all about a bespoke experience and personalization and creating tattoos on leather is an artisanal process. We are glad to have showcased this unique technique of tattooing on the Berluti Venezia leather to our patrons in India. The activity was insightful and interactive at the same time that gave a chance to the luxury connoisseurs to get involved in the nuances of tattoo making on leather at this unique Berluti event.”

Berluti currently has a store in New Delhi at DLF Emporio Mall and is scouting for a property in Mumbai to open its store.

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