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Luxury perfume brand Creed to launch in India

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London’s 250-year-old perfume brand Creed will be launched in India.

Its maiden store is being launched in the country in partnership with Berkeley Beauty Brands Pvt Ltd, at The Chanakya Mall here.

“The brand’s iconic status is in sync with the national capital that boasts of a cross-section of luxury connoisseurs. Owing to the globalisation and increase in the disposable income, India has become a profitable market for such luxury brands where the buyers want to experience international standards while shopping,” Gaganmeet Singh, Managing Director, Berkeley Beauty Brands Pvt Ltd, said in a statement.

Founded in London in 1760, The House of Creed is the only family-owned luxury fragrance dynasty that has served royal houses as well as discerning patrons for over 250 years.

Passed from father to son spanning seven generations since its London founding by James Henry Creed, it relies on a 4,000-year old infusion technique to capture the highest concentration of natural essential oils, and does not use preservatives.

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