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KVIC launches single umbrella pan-India e-marketing 

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In what comes as a fusion of ‘Digital India’ and ‘Made in India’, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), recently launched its first in-house single-umbrella e-marketing system named Khadi Institution Management and Information System (KIMIS), which can be accessed from anywhere pan-India for the purpose of sale and purchase of Khadi and Village Industries products.

KVIC Chairman Vinai Kumar Saxena, while inaugurating this system, said, “KVIC firmly believes in transparency in all of its aspects, it was the need of the hour to develop some in-house single umbrella billing software for sale and purchase that could be monitored round-the-clock from any remotest place. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction that KVIC IT team has developed such a full-proof software in-House, which might have costed millions of Rupees if bought from any third party. The earlier software was third-party software, with its headquarters in Bengaluru, on which the KVIC had no control in stock and accounts, despite paying hefty sum for it. Now, this in-house software will not only give a real-time data of sales, it will also give the updated status of stocks of our Bhawans and godowns, subsequently smoothing the planning procedure, along with controlling the inventory of KVIC.”

He added, “Not only 480 Khadi institutions and our showrooms are linked with this billing software KIMIS, it is also very useful in raising demand and supply of goods in high demand, from institutions located at faraway places in seconds. Even I am aware of the sale at far-off places in seconds. It will also nullify the chances of any dearth or burden of any Bhawan.”

Saxena further said that since this system is at nascent stage, few hiccups might arise sooner or later.

“In the earlier system, our staff had to face a lot of problems in deletion or updation of bills, but now with this new software, it is now a game of seconds, with an eagle’s eye of server at our Head Office. We will provide proper training to all our staff, so that they can be accustomed with the new software soon,” he added.

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