The Indian sub-continent is known for its diversity, not just in terms of culture, but also in terms of weather and climatic conditions. The north of India witnesses considerable impact of the winter season from mid-November to mid-January. Though this period spans just about three months it provides a sizeable market opportunity for apparel brands and retailers.
The winterwear market in India was pegged at Rs17,011 crore in 2016. The market is expected to demonstrate a compound annual growth rate of 6 per cent to reach a size of Rs 29,422 crore by 2026. Currently, the unbranded segment commands a market share of nearly 70 per cent, with the branded segment trying to bridge the gap by innovating and offering new products.
Here is the list of 14 winterwear brands in India which have taken the market by storm:-


10 winterwear brands to keep you warm

In 2012, Mandhana Industries Ltd., brought to life a full-fledged clothing line for Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation. Being Human Clothing embodies six positive, simple and humane values – love, care, share, hope, help and joy – binding these values in a bond of respect. Each of these values form the DNA and is imbibed into and reflect through their work. What brings out the DNA in the clothing range is the detailed visual evoking the charitable aspect of the brand. The results are collections that are stylish yet reach out to the people to help spread these values. Every garment helps shape a life through education or helps save a life through healthcare initiatives.
The New Line Of Sweatshirts
As a brand, Being Human Clothing has always strived to remain on the fore front of latest trends. Over the years, apart from the basic options that they have introduced, many fashion versions of sweat shirts like reversible ones to sporty athleisure versions have been launched. In terms of fabric and blends the brand has experimented with textures and space dyed mélanges, scuba fabrics, bonded fabrics in cotton or poly blend.
Latest Product Launch
This winter season, the brand has introduced two lines of sweatshirts in the fashion category — varsity sports with super soft mélange in all over printed and embellished versions, and secondly, an athleisure line that includes quilted fabric jumpers and long line hoodies in space dyed bonded fabric.
Change In Demand
This season, the brand is witnessing an increased demand in jumpers probably because they work as really versatile products that can be layered for winter in many ways from casual look to more smart casuals for the evening.
Consumption Pattern: Metros vs. Non-metros
With e-commerce now catering to almost all the non-metros the difference in preferences is diminishing rapidly especially for the digitally connected youth who want to follow the latest trends in real time.
Competition From International Brands
According to the brand, competition can be looked as a challenge and with a positive perspective. Since the beginning, the goal of the brand has been to be at par with global brands in terms of product quality, latest fashiontrends and create a truly international brand born in India. With the increased international competition there will be increased understanding of international fashion which they believe will make the customers appreciate their products even more.
Retail Presence
Being Human Clothing has 62 exclusive brand outlets (including franchise outlets) across the country. The brand is doing great in North, West and East regions. Metros are coming up with more demand, but other Tier -II and -III cities are also growing rapidly for them.
Retail Expansion Plans
Being Human’s retail expansion plans is to open 40 to 50 exclusive stores in the next 2 to 3 years.
Online Presence
The brand began looking past metros and towards Tier -II and -III cities. This is because online shopping in these regions has increased as the number of Internet users in the rural areas has shot up.


10 winterwear brands to keep you warm

Driven by values of trust, quality and excellence, Bodycare International has become a force to reckon within the innerwear market. With styles that echo the sentiments and aspirations of the urban dweller, the company has become synonymous with providing stylish products to fashion savvy consumers who value money and aspires for quality products. The company has often been credited with pioneering products that have revolutionised the innerwear apparel industry.
Product Range
Bodycare manufactures thermals from the finest quality Miyabi yarns. All products bearing the company’s stamp are unmatched in terms of quality, comfort, fit and style. The price range varies from Rs 199 to Rs 999. Round neck full sleeve and lowers are their fastest selling products in thermals.
Bodycare International has always been driven by a constant urge to innovate and reinvent ground breaking products that align with the changing taste and needs of the consumers. Recently, the company has introduced extra thin, super stretchable and warm thermals that are made from Japanese technology. It also offers seamless thermals with no side stitch for better comfort.
Recent Product Launch
The brand has recently introduced a new range of seamless thermals that won’t irritate the wearer’s skin, however sensitive it might be.
Consumption Patterns: Metros vs. Non-metros
Being a premium segment product, sales are better in metros than in non-metro cities.
Domestic Marketing Network
The company’s team of 150+ distributors and presence in 15,000 multi-brand outlets cater to their pan India consumer base.
Retail Expansion Plans
Bodycare aims to open 10 exclusive brand stores by end of this financial year. It would also increase its distributor network in Tier-II cities.
Online Presence
The brand’s products are available on all major online stores and are anticipating good sales from them this winter season.
Turnover Growth Aimed At In The Next 2-3 Years
Bodycare is aiming at an annual growth of 25 per cent Y-O-Y.


10 winterwear brands to keep you warm

Cadini was founded in 1970 in Florence, Italy as a manufacturer of men’s garments and accessories. The name evolved from a group of mountains in Northern Italy “il Gruppo dei Cadini di Misurina” – a group of dolomites, which feature exclusive variety of rocks, types of hills and valleys. Over the years, Cadini has evolved from a manufacturer into a classic men’s wear brand, developing its own collections. The brand targets successful men in the age bracket of 25 years and above, who are fashionable, brand conscious, global travellers conversant with the latest trends.
Product Range and MRPs
Cadini offers a wide range of suits, jackets, and trousers, bandgalas, tuxedos, ties, pocket squares and scarves made of 100 percent silk. The brand is also known for its range of casual wear, denims and its range of leather accessories. The apparel line starts from Rs 2,100. The brand also offers customised services for its clients.
Production, Design Capabilities and Talent
Quality, creativity and innovation are the guidelines and distinctive characteristics of every Cadini product. The new collection reflects the brand’s passion for style, quality and research. It celebrates the traditional ‘Made in Italy’ ethos to create tailor-fit garments for contemporary men.
Product Expansion Plans
Cadini has recently introduced a line of cotton chinos and denims, which will be augmented in the upcoming seasons. It has also added a range of shirts in hues of indigo, fashionable jackets that are wearable all year round and wrinkle free shirts and suits.
Product Speciality
The brand’s core is its product. It showcases the best of fabric available across the globe to produce garments that portray class and contemporariness. Cadini has also introduced slimmer silhouettes to meet the market requirements.
Current Distribution Network
Currently, Cadini has exclusive brand outlets in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune and are expanding into Chennai and Hyderabad. It also has a strong presence in Central (HD format) and at locally renowned MBOs in Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, etc.
Presence in International Markets
Cadini is an internationally renowned brand from Italy with a global presence in over 40 countries worldwide, including the USA, UK, China and Russia, amongst others.
Retail Expansion Plans
Cadini has store launches lined up for the cities of Chennai and Hyderabad. Going forward, the brand would be expanding its stand-alone stores in Tier -II towns as well. It is targeting to have presence across 100 key MBOs across India and also improving its footprint in LFS stores.
Turnover Growth in the Next 2-3 Years
Cadini aims to garner a business of Rs 100 crore over the next two years.
Popularity of Tuxedos
Tuxedos have now become an acceptable variant of suits in India for evening occasions and wedding receptions. Apart from the classic black tuxedo, the brand also offers other shades as popular tuxedo colour choices.
Customisation in the Suits Category
Customers are now conscious about the fit of the garment. What’s unique about the brand’s customization service is its fabric offering which provides a diverse range of fabrics at multiple price points for the customers to choose from.


10 winterwear brands to keep you warm

Callino offers aesthetically appealing collections for men in casual, semiformal, formal and party wear. Callino has created a perfect blend of silhouettes and colours along with innovation in designing to deliver personal style statements. The entire range of Callino’s clothing is crafted to deliver excellence and exude timeless appeal.
Callino Received the IMAGES Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year
Rising Star 2017 for registering a growth of over 100 percent over the previous year across its 114 point-of-sales. The brand started operations in October 2014 and by 2016 it had logged a reach of over 100 shop-in-shops. Its retail space also doubled over the previous year.
Product Range
Callino offers men’s clothing and accessories. The clothing range comprises shirts (Rs 1,299 to Rs 1,999), trousers (Rs 1,599 to Rs 2,199), waist coats (Rs 2,599 to Rs 3,999), blazers (Rs 4,999 to Rs 7,999), and suits (Rs 7,999 to Rs 12,999). The brand also offers premium range in shirts (European collection Rs 2,099 to Rs 2,799) and blazers (wool blend Rs 9,999 to Rs 11,999). The accessories range include belts, ties, pocket squares and wallets, and their prices range up to Rs 2,499.
Latest F/W Collection
The latest Fall-Winter collection is all about new trends from the European market in affordable competitive price. The collection offers a wide range of checks in blazers and suits with an assortment of colours, patterns and weaves. Callino also introduced knitted blazers in its latest range.
Product Speciality
The brand offers latest fit and cuts across all categories and has also introduced permanent crease in formal trousers. It uses special washes and peach finish to give the fabrics a softer feel. Available in bold colours and playful prints, the shirt range offers the best in business and casual shirt. To cater to a wide range of buyers, it has introduced slim fitted shirts.
Production and Design Capabilities
Callino has a strong team of designers based in London who provide technological expertise and design input. Be it texture, design, trend, colour, fit or price, the brand assures the best combination in its products
New Product Launch
In oder to capture a wider market share, the brand is planning to enhance its casual wear range. It would be launching a wide range of casual shirts and trousers. Demand for party wear is high, hence Callino has plans to increase the share of its party wear suits from this AW season.
Current Network
In order to increase its presence in other regions, Callino is increasing its presence in MBOs through its robust distribution channel. At present, the brand has strong penetration in North India and has recently started exploring the markets of South, West and East India.
Retail Expansion Plans
Callino has plans to open at least 50 more shop-in-shops by the next season.
Turnover Targetted
The brand is in its expansion phase, it aims to grow by at least 50 percent Y-o-Y.
Callino offers customisation at some of its exclusive stores. However, it is not doing any customisation as of now because it has recently launched its suits collection at shop-in-shops at various retail outlets and they are receiving good response. The brand aims to resume these services soon.


10 winterwear brands to keep you warm

Founded in 1985, Celio has become the leading men’s ready-to-wear brand in Europe and many other parts of the world. The brand offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories for men created by its office of integrated style, thus responding to every desire and every moment of a man’s life. In terms of pricing strategy, the brand has an accessible pricing with focus on good value.
Design Competence
Celio is all about effortless style and fashion because of its European roots. It provides a stylish alternative to today’s discerning young male customers. The brand’s products are urban, smart, elegant and very wearable. Each product has a distinct twist of fashion. Fits & Quality are strengths of the brand. The products are cleaner and have a style statement. This has helped the brand to garner a huge fan base. Over the years, it has increased both the width and depth in terms of winterwear offering. Over the last few years a portion of the consumers have been moving from value based purchasing to lifestyle based purchasing. In terms of fabrics, the brand closely works with its global teams to identify new trends in this segment and bring them to the Indian consumers.
Manufacturing Competence
Celio in India manufactures nearly 70 per cent of its volume requirements locally. The company has tied up with some of the best vendors in India who are both Socially Accountable (SA8000 compliant) and Oeko compliant (no harmful substances used). The company also audits its vendors on an annual basis and ranks them through a rating system.
Latest Product Launch
In line with the global fashion themes, Celio has launched the Autumn-Winter’17 collection under six main themes namely, California Surf, Retro, Back to Black, Design, Earthed and Smart. The brand’s winterwear products, specifically the sweat shirts range, use these themes as the underlying concept in their design philosophy.
Change in Demand
Celio is witnessing a surge in stylish and trendy pieces in this segment. Also, products which make a fashion statement tend to do quite well in the urban areas. Apart from that, brighter tones and lightweight premium quality fabric are currently trending.
Consumption Patterns: Metros vs. Non-metros
When it comes to product categories such as sweatshirts, the consumption depends on the weather and the season. Over the last few seasons, Celio saw increased saliency in non-metros for global fashion. Although metros form a majority of its sales today, it believes with rising number of 1 million+ cluster districts, the majority of the growth would come from non-metros in the next few years.
Marketing Strategy
The entire marketing strategy is built on the interest areas and the media consumption habits of the primary customer base. In addition to leveraging mediums such as stores, print, out-ofhome media, point-of-sale branding, etc., the digital medium has played a huge role in reaching out and engaging with its target group. Celio also has its own loyalty program called the Celio Fantastic Program with a base of 4 lakhs+ members. A lot of marketing activities are undertaken on a targeted basis by crunching huge amounts of data to understand each customer. On the basis of data analytics, dynamic customer segments are created to identify various cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. In addition to these platforms press relations form an integral part of the marketing strategy. By constantly doing fashion events with the fashion media, bloggers and various celebrity stylists, Celio ensures a healthy top of mind recall among the influencer segment.
Retail Expansion Plans
In terms of retailing strategy, Celio covers all key markets such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, etc. It is currently present in 60 cities with 36 EBOs, 165 SISs and 25 MBOs and are additionally present in most major e-commerce channels such as Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Celio, today has a total retail area of 95,000 sq.ft. It is planning an aggressive expansion strategy which would be a combination of deeper penetration in the current cities, where it is present and also entering new cities.
Cities with Potential
The upcoming supply of retail spaces in 2018 is estimated to be around 16-20 msf and cities such as Pune, Hyderabad, etc., would form atleast 45 percent of the upcoming supply. These markets carry a lot of potential for growth and deeper penetration.
Online Presence
With over 900 million mobile phone subscribers and 432 million Internet users, India’s e-commerce market is poised for growth in the coming years. The online shopping boom can be attributed to the tech-savvy, socially active, earning and shopping millennial generation. This audience enmeshes quite well with the brand’s vision. In Celio, they strongly believe in merging online and offline spaces towards the next wave of growth which is Omnichannel retailing. As an organisation, it is preparing themselves to be digitally ready.
Turnover Growth Aimed At
Celio is targeting double digit growth over the next few years to be amongst the top three men’s wear brands in the country.


Tradition, quality and modernity – Corneliani stands out for its values of tradition and quality that together with its modern brand image makes it a landmark in men’s elegance. Designed for the demanding, fashion-conscious man, it combines the most refined fabrics with the finest tailoring details into a lithe, graceful look. The brand has a long history of bringing innovations and new styles into men’s wear segment.
Product Range
The brand offer a wide range of products from ready-to-wear to made-to-measure, including accessories. The price range starts from Rs 6,000 and goes upto Rs 3 lakhs. The shirts range starts from Rs 12,000, jackets from Rs 70,000, suits from Rs 98,000, trousers from Rs 15,000, t-shirts from Rs 8,000 and accessories start from Rs12,000 onwards.
Production Speciality
The brand has a long history of bringing innovations and new styles into the men’s wear segment. The focus is on the man who should feel comfortable and relaxed in his clothes, he should be unique, and he should care about details.
New Product Launch
The brand is known for its use of nano-technology with innovative styles. The brand tailors designs which are compatible with all looks. Corneliani ID is known for its detachable chest piece that allows the wearer to flaunt himself in different styles.
Innovations in Technology and Production
With every passing year, Corneliani tries to offer products that are woven utilising latest technology, but in complete compliance with its history, and tradition. Nano technology, light weight, unlined suits and jackets are the milestones in this direction.
USP – Tuxedos
Tuxedos are a big hit during wedding seasons in India. The brand offers 4-5 variations in tuxedos in the current collection. The entire collection features magnificent proportions and shades of pure elegance, epitomised by pared down lines and perfect structures. The impeccable designs are a hit with every man who knows his true worth and style.
Festive Collection
At Corneliani, crafted bandhgalas and Jawahar jackets are the latest for the festive season which features a blend of Italian construction. The collection offers changes in terms of colour and fabric with Indian styles and bright colours which get a very high response.
Marketing Strategy
The brand’s market is still in a growing stage and hence it concentrates on strategic marketing plans and the right mix of promotional activities such as discounts, pop-up shops, trunk shows, mailers, campaigns and more. The brand’s focussed marketing strategy has been successful in establishing it as a renowned luxury brand in India.
International Markets
Corneliani needs no introduction when it comes to brand acceptance in international market. With its glorious history, Cornelaini is a well established name in the global men’s luxury wear fashion industry.
Retail Expansion Plans
Presently, the brand is testing waters in potential cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Pune.
Turnover Growth Targetted
The brand is growing at a steady pace and it aims at a growth rate of 12-15 per cent in the future.
Made-to-measure is another limited edition specialised service that is offered by the brand. Through this Corneliani gives the ultimate experience in sophisticated men’s wear for clients who demand the very best. It has been offering this exclusive service to its esteemed clients for quite a few years now and this has definitely proved an asset.

7. GAP

10 winterwear brands to keep you warm

Gap Inc., was started by Donald Fisher and his wife Doris Fisher in 1969 in San Francisco (USA). Fisher was fascinated by the idea of selling apparel in chain stores to attract the young generation of consumers who were looking to buy cheap, comfortable and durable attire like jeans. The USP of Gap was that they had limited products but catered to all sizes, shapes and colours. In India, Gap was introduced by Arvind Lifestyle Brands through a franchise agreement and the first store opened in Delhi in May 2015. Gap currently has 11 stores across Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai and Indore and retails through the brand’s official Omnichannel and exclusively through
Latest Jackets Collection
The Fall 2017 collection for men is focused on the performance collection which fuses style and fit of every day favourites with performance technology, like puffer jackets. Apart from the performance collection, the rugged motor-cross range introduces indestructible denim. This is one tough jacket that can take a beating. At 100 per cent tear resistance, and 400 per cent stronger than regular denim, this product is up for any challenge, but is comfortable enough for everyday adventures.
Most Popular Jacket
The classic denim jacket is something that has remained a favourite through generations. A bomber jacket is also currently one of the most preferred in this segment.
Top Fabrics
The brand’s top fabrics are cotton and tencel.
India Specific Collections
Gap has created an exclusive line of products for the India market, which are unique to this market. It piloted some of these products with great success in Fall 2017 and customers can expect more products with exclusive designs in Spring 2018 and Summer 2018.
Demand of Denims
According to Gap, the demand for denim has only grown within the Indian market. This is driven by the global sentiment of denim being an acceptable piece of clothing in offices, or desk to dinner dressing. One can always dress up or dress down their style with denim. The brand has also seen the denim market explode across the kids and baby division where parents are increasingly comfortable with putting their children into jeans, thanks to the product innovations. Gap’s ‘Super Denim’, which is extra soft, with stretchy waist bands, is one such example of product that does well for them.
Retail Network and Reach
Gap is being retailed through its own stores and online businesses. The brand is looking at expanding to Tier-II markets through a series of stores, and shop-in-shop formats in the next few years. Even before it launched the Omnichannel site, it had customers across the country writing in and asking them about the online deliveries. It had a latent, untapped demand for Gap in the online shopping segment which it was able to meet through its Omnichannel site which services approximately 19,000 post codes across the country, and through its exclusive partnership with Amazon. Gap’s online business has been very successful, owing in a huge part to the existing demand for a brand as iconic as Gap.
Untapped Markets in India
The appetite for the branded market is no longer relegated to a singular market. With the growing comfort customers have with shopping online, Gap’s focus is more on reaching to their customers wherever they might be, for example if a customer is in Coimbatore, or Vizag, or Cherrapunji, their omnichannel store helps them meet that customer rather than being focused on the potential of one geography.


10 winterwear brands to keep you warm

The journey of Jack & Jones began in 1990 when Bestseller first sold this carefully crafted collectionat a fashion fair in Oslo (Norway). Targeted at young men, the response at the fair exceeded all expectations and the iconic men‘s wear brand was born. Today, Jack & Jones is one of Europe’s leading producers of men‘s wear. It has more than one thousand stores in 38 countries and its clothes are sold by thousands of wholesale partners all over the world. The brand entered India in 2008 and is currently present in more than 70 cities in the brick-and-mortar format. It is also sold throughout the country via e-commerce.
Product Range
Jack & Jones has a diverse product range which caters to the needs of its young and rebellious target audience. While the focus has always been on denims, the brand also has a vast range of pop culture inspired accessories, shirt, t-shirt, pants, shorts, trousers,
winter wear and inner wear.
Latest in Jackets
Jack & Jones is offering a mix of cool, classic and extremely versatile jackets that aim to meet all diverse fashion preferences. It has experimented with details, prints and colours that elevate the jacket game. From gothic moth prints to floral free-spirited details, geometric patterns to reflective panels, the Autumn/Winter ’17 jackets are extremely persuasive.
Focus on Innovation
Fashion at Jack & Jones is constantly evolving as per the tastes and preferences of consumers. Being an international brand, trends at Jack & Jones are always at par with global standards. For SS-17, the brand offered an array of distinctively styled varsity, bomber and trucker jackets. Whereas for the winter collection, focus is on functionality, and hence the brand is offering a range of highly durable parka and leather jackets.
Top Fabrics
Jack & Jones works with fabrics that complement every season. The brand always aims to offer clothes that are highly functional, comfortable and easy to maintain. Fabrics that it plays with include a blend of cotton and polyester, satin, nylon, suede and leather. However, the brand’s core product is denim. It has a myriad acid and enzyme wash treatments and laser technology. It also introduced earth tints with extensive mud wash that satiates the rising need of ruggedness.
Production and Design Capabilities
Jack & Jones continues to strive for an elevated level of expertise when it comes to the craftsmanship, quality and design of jeans. The brand is nowadays defined and represented by five unique brands — Jack & Jones Vintage Clothing, Premium by Jack & Jones, Originals by Jack & Jones, Core by Jack & Jones and Jack& Jones Tech. The brands are designed by independent design teams, each one of them with their own ideas, concepts and designs. They all offer a full range of clothes, accessories and footwear for every man and every occasion.
Latest Collections
The brand is gearing up to introduce its Spring-Summer ’18 collection. Amidst the changing fashion trends and preferences, it aims to evolve while staying true to its pillars viz., Core, Originals, Vintage, Tech and Premium. Through each of these verticals Jack & Jones offers a unique ethos which is translated into contemporary styles and designs, that cater to the varied yet discerning taste of the modern man.
Change in Demand
With brands, which are present both in online and offline, there has been a significant improvement in customer accessibility. Consumers can easily view and compare branded products and prices thereby increasing awareness and demand.
Retail Presence
Jack & Jones is present in more than 70 locations in the country with 66 EBOs and 271 SISs. It is also present with major online partners. It has a dedicated website for online sales.
International Presence
Jack & Jones is one of Europe’s leading producers of men’s wear with more than one thousand stores in 38 countries.
Retail Expansion Plans
Jack & Jones continues to explore ways in which they can be accessible to consumers in Tier -II and -III markets as well as explore more partnerships with e-commerce portals.
Tier -II and -III cities across the country have a lot of market potential for the brand. Infrastructural development plays a major role to boost retail business in these locations.
Online Presence
The brand is present with all major online partners. It also has its own dedicated website to aid e-commerce activity. It’s online business has been extremely encouraging with significant growth in sales every quarter.


10 winterwear brands to keep you warm

Monte Carlo was formally launchedin 1984 through MBO’s. The main products were woollen pullovers and jackets but in 1999 the brand launched men’s t-shirts. Today, Monte Carlo holds the numero uno position in t-shirts and sweaters in India. In 2003, the brand took a step ahead and started it exclusive brand outlets, the store count of which has clocked 237 as on date. Monte Carlo is today considered as a complete apparel brand offering full ranges in men’s women’s and kidswear.
Brand USP and Strength
Monte Carlo has always catered to the fashion quotient and has consistently innovated and maintained its leadership position. Targeted at the middle class segment, the brand’s USP lies in its superior quality and value for money products.
Product Range
The brand offers a wide range of shirts (Rs 1,499- Rs 2,549), denims (Rs 1,699- Rs 2,999), trousers (Rs 1,199- Rs 2,360), t-shirts (Rs 895- Rs 1,899), sweat shirts (Rs 1,190- Rs 2349), sweaters (Rs 1,499- Rs 4,500), jackets (Rs 2,500- Rs 3,999), shawls (Rs 849- Rs 25,000) and track suits (Rs 2,100- Rs 2,579).
Latest in Sweaters
The brand is aware of the increasing demand of light weight sweaters and has developed a substantial range of light weight sweaters. It also has created a premium line of fine gauge light weight sweaters in Platine.
Colors Innovations
Monte Carlo is innovating with new colors on a continuous basis and offering new fashion colors every season.
Retail Expansion Plans
Currently, the brand is planning to open new stores in North India. It is also in the process of exploring the western and southern parts of India.
Potential Markets
According to the brand, the western and the southern parts of India, which have been hitherto untapped by the brand, have immense potential which it plans to explore soon.
Online Presence
Monte Carlo retails through its own portal The brand is also present in leading portals like Flipkart, Jabong, Paytm, Amazon, Myntra and growing 50 percent per annum.
Pricing Policy
Monte Carlo believes in price sensitivity, but rising costs, especiallyof yarn, do have an effect on pricing. Monte Carlo has partially absorbed the excess cost in its pricing and haveincreased prices partially.
Turnover Growth Targetted
The brand’s target to reach a turnover of Rs 1,000 crore in the next 3 years.


The brand ‘Woodland’ owned by Aero Group was started in Quebec, Canada for making winter boots. Woodland entered India in 1992 when the Indian footwear market was largely unorganized and created a new category of specialized outdoor adventure sports shoes. Woodland’s product positioning was different; it was known as a rugged, outdoor leather shoe brand, the kind usually preferred by adventurists. It struck a chord with theyouth and gradually started developing a product line especially for India. Since then, the brand has never looked back. The success of its shoes also encouraged the brand to enter into new segments like clothes, handbags, and the likes.
Product Range
Woodland’s product range now includes apparels, shoes and accessories for both men and women. It also offers outdoor equipment like tents, sleeping bags, waterproof outdoor backpacks and all that one can associate with adventure travels and sports. Most of its products are manufactured in the country plants. Woodland jackets are available with the starting price range of Rs 4,000 whereas the price range of its boots start from Rs 5,000.
Innovations in Jackets
Woodlan’d range of techno-jackets has been quite a rage among its outdoor loving customers as they are perfectly armed to combat any type of climatic condition or terrain. Also its range of leather jackets has also been very popular.
The brand has already launched GPS embedded jackets, BOA shoes, client t-shirts, and many more new technologies and innovations in products are in pipeline.
New Collection in Jackets
Woodland is introducing a new line of jackets, which will be extremely lightweight while providing cozy comfort against the chilly winters.
Top Fabric in Jackets
Leather is the brand’s top fabric for jackets. It keeps one warm, mold onto the shape of the wearer works like a perfect shield.
International Presence
Currently the brand is present globally in over 40 countries that include, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, GCC, CIS Countries and more. It sells its products in around 1,000 stores globally. The company has set up international regional offices and warehouses in Hong Kong, Moscow and Dubai to cater to the requirements of countries in different regions as the business is growing everywhere.
Retail Expansion Plans
The brand has maintained a steady growth scale in its retail expansion and likes to keep the uniform progress going forward. As of now, it is planning to add another 30-35 stores in this financial year that would be an equivalent combination of small towns and metros.
Change in Demand
Today, people in general show interest in active outdoor activities and outdoor getaway, which result in increase in demand. Woodland holds approximately 80 to 85 per cent of outdoor adventure market share in India.
Online Presence
Woodland has a strong online presence and its online sales are growing at an exponential rate. It expects it to grow to 40 per cent in about 3-4 years. The brand plans to concentrate more on a seamless approach through all available shopping channels.
Turnover Growth Targetted
Woodland is consistently growing at a rate of 20-25 per cent every year. Last year, the brand clocked Rs 1,200 crore in revenues and is now targeting Rs 1,400 crore for the next financial year.