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Enkon launches shopping cart with ad screens, Viewcart

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Enkon has launched its first ever shopping cart with a 10.1 inch LCD digital screen attached to it at Spencer’s retail stores all across Kolkata.
These LCD screens can play video and audio, and are enabled with remote content management. The advertising screens are operational during working hours at Spencer’s.
Studies have revealed over the years that people spend more time in supermarkets than anywhere else in a community. The shopping cart is the first thing a consumer grabs when they walk into a store and the last thing they drop off as they leave, and so LCD screens attached to shopping carts, advertising products while consumers shop, are extremely beneficial to retailers.
Shopping cart ads offer a great deal of exposure for a retailer to the target audience and for a greater length of time than literally any other advertising media, and for substantially less money than any other advertising media.

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