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Tech to make QSRs quicker

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Since a QSR provides super-fast service at a low cost, it appeals everyone and has become a necessity in today’s fast-paced world.
To be able to live up to the reputation of a QSR is a challenge in itself, and when everything is done manually, errors are always on the higher side. This is where RanceLab® FusionResto comes in handy, it minimizes the time taken to bill a customer or receive orders. Many QSRs and ice cream parlours face a common problem of space, as they are generally small set ups; taking orders on a Tab eliminates the issue of space restriction and enhances your customer’s experience.
RanceLab® FusionResto requires minimum IT expertise and it’s easy-to-use interface helps your staff get started in minutes and increase efficiency without remembering complex commands or steps.
FusionResto helps the restaurant business become relatively hassle-free by managing inventory and accounting in a simplified manner. You can set up a back-office system, hence saving on non-productive labour. It can also manage incentives and create an employee grading system so that happy staff can create happy customers.
With the Kitchen Display System, one can eliminate the nightmares associated with manual KOTs and the Token Display System notifies your waiting customers once their order is ready.
Apart from food, services, ambiance, marketing strategy, etc. the fate of a QSR rests on one thing. Customer reviews. You can’t control how every patron feels about your QSR’s food and services but you can control the right kind of communication by FusionResto Customer Feedback module. It gets you on the right track by recording your customer’s feedback and providing you the analysis that helps ensure that you are doing the best to salvage the situation of a ‘bad review’ and encourage good reviews.
FusionResto gives you access to real-time, accurate reports on your mobile to help you analyse the daily business data and take appropriate action in time, to stay ahead of your competition.
Apart from all this, it even lets you manage discounts, discount coupons redemption, happy-hour pricing, seasonal or bill-value based promos seamlessly. It also lets you keep a check on the recipe and production, food costing and menu engineering.
All in all it lets you manage your operations efficiently, keeping you free from complex day-to-day operations.

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