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How RanceLab helped Tea Post grow from 40 to 120 outlets in 2 years

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Tea Post Pvt Ltd, founded in 1975, started out as an auction retail tea shop but in 2006, got a complete makeover and has since then become a well-established tea company-cum-restaurant.
The company is focusing on its tea business and has opened over 40 outlets that serve tea blends and snacks in various parts of the country.
The company believes in 360 degree growth with care and visionary product offerings. When it ventured in serving tea in a hygienic and relaxed ambience, the company saw a rapid growth.
Challenges Faced by Tea Post
With 40+ outlets in short span of time and a large number of satisfied customers, Tea Post needed a system that could keep up the pace with its rapid growth.
It selected RanceLab FusionERP, because it is the most comprehensive and robust system in the market.
RanceLab® stands out as an effective tool in terms of managing the growth and development of a company like Tea Post and many others by giving businesses a simple-to-use and affordable solution for all their retail needs.
Tea Post believes in a ‘high returns on low investment’ formula and RanceLab just did that for them.
RanceLab understood the needs and challenges of the business and then implemented following solutions

  • FusionERP Enterprise Edition for Head Office to track and manage the show centrally
  • FusionERP Express Edition for each outlet for fast PoS counters and inventory movement

While FusionERP Enterprise helped the head office to streamline their processes, FusionERP Express Edition at stores helped business to grow. Effective PoS counters have helped the tea business serve more customers in same time and the business grew from 40+ outlets to 120+ outlets in a very short span of two years.
Benefits derived using RanceLab®

  • Increased number of outlets from 40+ to 120+ in two years
  • Increased revenue per outlet, and per customer
  • Effective control and management of overall business
  • Optimum allocation of resources
  • Faster billing enhances the customer buying experience
  • Billing the different varieties of products at different discounting structure.
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