Kiko Milano launches new Hydra Pro Face Line range

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Italian cosmetic brand Kiko Milano brings to its customers a revolutionary range of Hydra Pro face line – a one of a kind range that moisturises and preserves the skin’s ideal moisture levels.
According to a ANI report: Available at various outlets, the collection is marked by an innovative formula comprising among other ingredients hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for the moisture and Actiglow, which enhances the beauty of the skin and the make-up.
The Hydra Pro face line fuses functionality with glimmer and serves as an invaluable need for women across every skin type.
The line features five distinct products catering to varying skin types and their respective needs. These include Hydra Pro Day, a global moisturising cream suitable for normal to dry skin containing SPF 15; Hydra Pro Matte, a mattifying-cum-moisturising fluid best for normal to combination skin; Hydra Pro Eyes, a deeply moisturising eye serum ideal for reducing bags and dark circles under the eyes for all skin types; Hydra Pro Mask, a comprehensive moisture mask that softens and radiates the skin; and Hydra Pro Glow, a cream that seeks to rejuvenate the skin with long lasting glow.

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