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FDA urges business operators to stop using staple pins to pack food

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The directorate of food and drugs administration (FDA) has asked food business operators to immediately stop the use of staple pins to pack food articles.
The directorate has received several complaints from consumers regarding the practice adopted by food vendors on the use of staple pins to pack food items in plastic and paper bags, instead of sealing them with a thermal unit or cello-adhesive tapes.
Pins are too small to be readily noticed if they fall into food items and can have a damaging effect when swallowed. Children are more prone to such accidents, the FDA has said in a statement.
“In view of the above and in larger public safety, all food business operators, including supermarkets, malls, provision stores, retailers, fast food joints, hoteliers, kiosks, as well as self-help groups and home-based food packers are hereby directed to immediately stop the use of staple pins, for packaging food articles and should strictly employ better and safe methods for the same, so that consumers are not placed at any undue risk,” it said in a statement.
The directorate has also urged consumers to be vigilant while purchasing food articles and insist that vendors don’t use pins while packing.

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