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Zapyle to woo customers by providing luxury at affordable prices

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Zapyle, a C2C marketplace for luxury products, which aims to educate women on trending styles is attracting more and more eyeballs for providing luxury fashion at discounted prices.
Zapyle was established by Rashi Gulati Menda in June, 2015 with four style-based filters including boho, trendy, classic and chic. It allows women to discover fashion for themselves depending on their personal style, and the fashion looks that fit their bodies best. It then helps them curate beautiful looks.
The website houses designer clothes that are two-three seasons old along with the clothes from the celebrities closet that the celebrities have worn only once.
To ensure quality of pre-owned fashion, a two-factor quality control is set in place. First, Zapyle accepts products that come from an exclusive list of domestic and international brands that are perceived as aspirational products. Second, the website has control over who can sell through their platform.
Targeted at millennials in the age group of 18-30 years in Tier I, II, and III cities, the fashionable luxury clothes on Zapyle are priced from Rs 800 to under Rs 1 lakh.
In this exclusive interview, Rashi Menda talks about how she conceived her brainchild, the burgeoning luxury market in India and where Zapyle stands in this market…
What is Zapyle and how did the idea of starting an online portal for luxury products come to you?
Derived from a combination of ‘Zap’ and ‘Style’, the name Zapyle reflects the swift pace at which fashion trends change and how it enables customers to stay abreast with these trends with equal agility.
Zapyle is a one-stop online destination for luxury fashion available at affordable prices exclusive only to the platform. As high-end brands come with lofty price tags and are often unavailable in many cities other than metros like Delhi and Mumbai, so being stylish and on point isn’t always easy. Zapyle wants to alter this and make luxury fashion accessible and affordable for all fashion lovers.
Tell us about the present scenario of luxury market in India.
Discovering luxury fashion has always been troublesome even though women spend US$1.5 billion to acquire luxury products every year. The greatest concern for the discerning fashionista is to keep up with constantly changing trends. To reform this situation, Zapyle was conceived – a one stop destination for luxury at profoundly marked down prices for fashion conscious women, where they can purchase international brands and designer wear.
Who are your target clients?
All the women who encounter difficulty in buying luxury products because of affordability and availability are our target clients. Going forward, Zapyle envisions to be a marketplace where women will never have to pay excessive amounts for being fashionable.
Our platform recently launched 27 designers and luxury products that cost less than Rs 10,000. There are 277 international brands out of which only 18 are available in the country – Zapyle provides more than that. We also announced an upcoming feature titled ‘Celebrity Closets’, where users can own what celebrities once wore. With its innovative, and fresh perspective on style, Zapyle is poised to become the most dynamic fashion portal in India over the next six months.
Where do you position Zapyle among your competitors and why?
There aren’t many portals that have the luxury brands which we have on offer. Also, we don’t really sell too many pre-owned products. We prefer selling the previous season’s collection, which women don’t mind buying. We also encourage designers to display their pret collections online.
Tell some of your best selling brands and your vision behind Zapyle.
Our best selling brands in this season are GUCCI, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Prada.
Our vision behind Zapyle was to bring together fashion lovers, designers and bloggers to create a vibrant community of people with similar tastes and preferences. With Zapyle Social, we aim to build an engaging platform for users to together discover fashion and spread love.

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