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US' Baby Safety Inc launches new brand in India, Safe-o-Kid

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Baby Safety Inc, a US based research firm focused on developing 360 degree safety solutions for babies, has launched their Safe-O-Mos range of products specifically designed for India under brand name Safe-o-Kid.
The Safe-O-Mos range focuses on providing the safest and most effective way to fight diseases and discomfort caused due to mosquito bites. With the growing number of cases of Chikungunya and Dengue in country, the product range has been tested to be very effective against their carrying organisms including aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus, Culex quinquefasciatus and Anopheles quadrimaculatus mosquitoes.
The key feature of Safe-o-Mos product range is that they are derived from 100 per cent biological sources and are totally DEET free. It has to be noted that in multiple independent studies conducted by experts across the globe, DEET has been found to be very harsh and dangerous specially for babies and kids. DEET can cause them severe physical and mental discomfort and even illness on prolonged use.
The products have been designed for easy use in the form of patches, trendy wrist or arm bands and/or sprays and generally do not require a skin application. They are tested to be safe even if baby licks it or puts them in mouth.
Commenting on recent launch of Safe-O-Mos range in India, Head of India Operations, Kanika Chadha, said: “Our range of natural mosquito repellents give a natural defence to kids against mosquitoes and we have strictly avoided use of any chemical or poisonous element in our products. Our products are designed in a way that these do not kill mosquitoes and only repel them, because if a product kills, it is definitely not safe for kids.”
She added: “Baby Safety Inc is soon going to launch multiple other product ranges in India to tackle high rate of accidental injuries and fatalities among children and reduce them by up to 80 per cent in next years or so. Baby Safety Inc will also be working with government bodies in India to spread awareness about child safety among parents and make some basic norms especially for play schools and day cares operating in India.”

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