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Wego introduces breakfast menu; includes global dishes

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Popular Indian travel search site has introduced local breakfast delicacies, which tend to be overlooked and less popular than lunch and dinner while traveling.
“Getting out of your comfort zone is what travelling is all about, and most of us enjoy indulging in local dishes and exploring cultural connections through food when we travel,” said Chief Flights Officer, Wego, Dean Wicks.
“What’s intriguing however is that while we’re rather adventurous with trying local delicacies and authentic cuisine when we travel, we rarely change our breakfast routine,” observed Wicks.
He added, “We seem less comfortable diving into local breakfast customs than we do with say lunch or dinner, and I’ve often heard other travellers complain when their toast is not brown enough, or their eggs not quite right.”
“No matter what you’re accustomed to back home, it’s quite likely that the country you’re travelling to does things a little (or a lot) different for their morning meal, and we should seek the entire in-destination experience, which includes breakfast,” said Wicks.
The breakfast options include Nom Banh Chok from Cambodia, Nasi Goreng from Indonesia, Ragag, Chebab and Khameer from United Arab Emirates, Congee and Yauchai Kwai from Hong Kong, Dosa and Idlis from India,  Chilaquiles, Nachos, Cheese and Beans and Salsa from Mexico, Natto from Japan, Babakau from Fiji,  Pandesai and Kesong Puti from Philippines and  Tom Yum Goong from Thailand to name a few.

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