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Do you remember that time when, busy working on a laptop, you found your beer had gone all warm and flat? What if you can get hold of gadgets that never let your beer go flat and keep it chilled?
Beerosphere — The Beer Café’s new range of quirky and utilitarian products — is offering three such unique gadgets: Spin Chill, Chill Puck and USB Can Cooler, besides other merchandise.
The battery-operated Spin Chill (patented) helps to chill the drink within one-two minutes. All one needs to do is to fix the beer bottle in the cavity and spin it for a minute in an ice bucket. Remove it and serve the beer chilled.
Another interesting gadget is the Sonic Foamer (patented). It comes in handy when you leave your carbonated beverage out for too long and it loses its froth. Pour two teaspoons of water in the cavity, switch it on, place your drink on the plate and you can see the bubbles rise up.
The drink gets its froth back. The Sonic Foamer uses ultrasonic vibrations to create the perfect head. As a result, it ensures consistent taste throughout and delivers the ultimate aromatic experience.
Chill Puck (patented) is like a cooling coaster. It is a plastic ice pack moulded to match the bottom of all standard cans. This mould maximises the amount of surface area connecting the freezing cold ice pack and the can, actually chilling your beverage while you drink.
The USB Can Cooler is a tiny refrigerator which can be plugged into a laptop with a USB cable. As soon as it is switched on, the tray in the fridge begins to cool. This keeps a drink chilled for longer hours. The downside: it can only fit one can at a time.
Another gadget is the Beer SeaLED — a cork-shaped super bright LED that recharges via USB and gives a strong glow for up to three hours in one single charge.
“The response from the customers has been great. The gadgets are doing really well and we get around 8-10 orders a day. The other Beerosphere products that have received a good response are the Thor’s Beer Mug,” Rahul Singh, Founder and CEO of The Beer Café, told IANS.
On being asked about the investments, sales and expectation from this chain of products, Singh said that he expects Rs 2.5 crore in revenue this fiscal, with the gadgets being available in more than 30 outlets.
“In the next five years, we are aiming for revenue of Rs 150 crore from the new Beerosphere line and hoping to carve a niche in the retail segment,” Singh added.
About future plans, Singh said the company will soon introduce a new line of laptop sleeves and phone cases. A range of new glassware/drinkware, too, is on the cards.
The Sonic foamer costs Rs 3,750, the Spin Chill is available for Rs 2,990, Beer SeaLED is priced at Rs 390 and the USB Can Cooler can be purchased for Rs 1,950 from select Beer Café outlets.
“The range of products in Beerosphere includes unusual, handy and utilitarian technology merchandise — from home décor, glassware to gaming — all of them designed to take one’s beer love to another level,” Singh added.
The range also includes impressive gadgets, some of which are patented from the US and exclusively available in India through Beerosphere.

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