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Customer Vs Retailer: CRM bridges the gap

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Every online customer has gone through the situation when they had purchased a mobile online but the product they received were not the ones they had expected. Retailers as well have received a lot of brickbats after the negative publicity in hands of social media.

This outrage has given rise to management tools like Airwoot, Hootsuite and OneDirect which helps in building a social customer relationship. Through this customer centric helpdesk, the companies can keep a track of the consumer conversation, their complaints and work towards the solution.

“Social media is probably the biggest driver for brand awareness and image building today – and the cheapest too (almost free). It’s also a great platform for lead generation and sales, but that comes a long while after establishing a great presence. As a start-up, it’s a no-brainer to invest in not just a social media presence, but to also constantly monitor what people are saying,”Prem Viswanath, co-founder, CloudCherry shares in the E-paper livemint report.

Snapdeal, one of the leading online shopping portal has a social media team of 16 executives which keeps a constant vigilance on the product related conversations.  Mohit Sadani, VP growth of Snapdeal considers social media as an essential part of business where one can listen to the user’s problems and respond to them in 5 minutes. Their issues are sorted out in record time, whether related to the product, app, offers or supply.

Saavn, the online Hindi music channel too has customers complaining about a particular song or album not being available. The same was taken care of in matter of minutes and the problem was sorted out. “Generally, our listener support team and social media manager know when to escalate any given case to a particular team member, whether on our product, engineering, content, or editorial teams,” said Sneha Mehta, VP, Saavn to E-paper livemint.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management system has become an essential part of social media and has given birth to Helpchat which is run by Coraza Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It also offers ticketing service and keep a track of the reviews given by big shots. With the passing time CRM has become an important tool to manage customer interactions which in return has improved business relationships and sales growth.

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