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Why shopping online saves you more than offline

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Shopping is fun for all the shoppers, the fun just doubles, when they find ways to save while shopping. Over the past years people have been constantly looking for alternative shopping options. With the increase in the number of internet users, online shopping has become one of the most popular modes of shopping as buying products is now just a click away. Online shopping saves a lot of time, effort and energy. At the same time it is available 24*7. Searching merchandise with specific attributes is now easily accessible due to online shopping.

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Discussed below are some reasons why  shopping online  helps you to save more  than offline shopping.
1. Pricing advantage over offline:
Manufacturers are offering various deals and discounts on products available online. This encourages  consumers to buy products online at a cheaper rate than offline.Exclusive brands such as  Xiaomi, Motorola and  One+  has done exclusive product tie up with marketplaces, such as amazon, flipkart etc. making their products available only online. Other marketplaces/ online shops also offer discount coupons and rebates. One of the biggest advantage that a Online retailer enjoys is that he can save quite a bit of money as they do not need to pay for the extra expenses such as electricity and rent. They do not need to hire people for handling customer walk-ins, which results in more saving. As a result of this drop shipping and direct dealing, fewer expenses are incurred which further helps to save price margins.
2. Saving time and cost incurred:
Online shopping gives a variety of preferences such as colour, size, for various brands of both national and international markets, in contrast to offline. Buying While online, consumers gets constant update on the latest international trends , this saves energy as well as cost incurred on travel, that a consumer has to undergo while shopping physically.Offline shopping limits price as well as product options, whereas online research eliminates unnecessary costs as feedbacks,reviews as well as fellow shoppers’ opinions are available for reference. Even after the shipping cost is included, the online prices are generally better than offline stores.
3. More options within limited budget:
For a fixed budget,shopping online avails with more options than offline.Through multiple website browsing, consumers could easily take a look upon varied options compared to offline shopping. While shopping offline a product within a given budget often becomes tiresome. With the availability of limited options in a single store, one would have to search in multiple stores. To avoid this hassle consumers often end up paying off extra to settle down on a product matching expectation.

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4. More saving through Combo offers:
Online retailers diligently identify consumers purchase trend and give combo options to buy the relative products, which could be used later, with the purchased product. These combos help consumers to save a lot of money. Top categories such as apparels, automobile, books, baggage, fitness and health care are giving combo offers through different marketplaces.
5. Extensive availability of online coupons compared to offline ones

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Online coupons are easier to search and collect compared to offline coupons.  Websites such as, Shop Pirate, CouponDunia etc. are making efforts in providing validated coupons to give consumers the extra tinge of smile. Online shoppers could save the discount coupon codes and use them in future purchases. Consumers can get discounts upon purchase by using the coupon code. Online coupons are getting more aggressive in terms of bettering the online buying experience of shoppers by authenticating the coupons. Aside from that online coupon avoids the activity of spending long hours on newspapers to cut coupons.
6. Spending economically via focused buying:
Deviation from the planned purchase often exceeds predetermined budget. Consumers often fall prey to impulse buying, especially when buying offline. Consumers often load their shopping cart with unnecessary items and end up purchasing them. However, shopping online minimizes these impulses. By clicking directly on the item truly needed, consumers can reduce personal spending. Sticking to the budget becomes comparatively easier.

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Online shopping is evolving every day. People are preferring to shop a wide variety of items online, starting from dresses to automobile. Online has made consumer’s life easier and availed them with varied options. In recent years, the online shopping industry has truly boomed to the point that there are now many people who will only buy new products online.  Convenience, selection, saving, discounts everything is smoother than ever, all due to online shopping. Online shopping is here to stay.
About the author: Uday Nandan, CEO & Founder of is an experienced designer by profession and serial entrepreneur by passion with over a decade of experience in versatile fields like software user interface design, digital marketing, mobile and proximity marketing.

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