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Varuna D Jani's jewellery: Redefining sensuality

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A jewellery designer and adornologist of repute, Varuna D Jani works closely with fashion designers to complete their look on the ramp. She shares with Salon India the importance of jewellery in fashion.

What is the contribution of jewellery designer in a model’s looks?
Creating a look is more of a science than art as it’s about balance and aesthetics. Similar to a stylist in the fashion industry, an adornologist considers the personality, face structure and lifestyle to create an ideal mix of jewellery that compliments the ensemble.

What is the importance of jewellery in fashion?
Jewellery adds to the sensuality of a woman and completes the look.

Who is your inspiration?
The woman whom I’m creating jewellery for, as every woman is extraordinary in her own way and has an unmatched personality.

Which is the most outrageous look adapted by you?
It all depends on an individual’s personality. Someone with an outgoing persona can carry off even the most outrageous pieces of jewellery. Confidence is only achieved when one balances jewellery as per theirVaruna's jewellery personality.

What is the missing element in the fashion weeks?
No one, till now, has really worked towards creating a platform where jewellery and fashion compliment one another.

Who are the make-up artists and fashion designers you usually work with?
I feel all make-up artists and fashion designers have their strengths and all are equally good. I work according to the strengths of every individual.

How do you incorporate your designs in the collection / ramp?
I like to create pieces that can be adorned for various occasions. Hence, when it comes to heavy jewellery I prefer making it more modular so one can use it in more interesting ways. I also bring in variations so it can be teamed up with Indian as well as western outfits without looking out of place.

What are your favourite makeup and hair products?
The foundation from Chanel suits people with white or fair complexions. My personal favourite is the foundation from Tom Ford because it doesn’t give a cakey look and moisturises well; Bobbi Brown’s concealer, Giorgio Armani blush-ons and Lancôme’s mascaras and liners.

What are the beauty trends that you have witnessed in the past few years?
I don’t believe in fads. I believe a woman should explore and learn from her own experiences and her own looks and try to evolve at every single stage. So
what I choose in my 20s may not be the same as what I would choose in my 30s because I have evolved and so has my taste.

What are your future plans? Do you plan to be involved in the cosmetic and hair industry of India?
I think everyone is born with a forte and my forte is adorning a woman. So I would definitely stick to what I do best.

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