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The MobileStore’s initiatives to cater the Gen Y

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The MobileStore, one of India’s largest telephone retailer ramps up its range of accessories to lure the new generation. Latest gadgets and accessories such as the selfie sticks, selfie buttons, bluetooth speakers and wireless printers have been added to the range. Selfie products are gaining tremendous popularity among the youth, considering the growing trend of clicking selfies. Wireless technology is also picking up the pace as one of the most revolutionary gadgets of the decade.

The MobileStore is not only making these latest products available to the consumers but also, allowing them to experience this technology first hand prior purchase through live displays and demonstrations in the store.

“Gen Y has been observed to accept and adapt the latest technology at a phenomenal pace. Hence, we need to stay on our toes when it comes to making the latest technology available at the outlets. Apart from making the latest products available, technology also needs to be used to make them available for the new generation to experience. Considering the enormous contribution of generation Y to the Indian population, staying ahead of the curve is the way forward for survival and growth”, commented Himanshu Chakrawarti, CEO – The MobileStore Ltd.

Widening the accessories range is one of the major steps taken by The MobileStore to enhance the in-store experience for the consumers. The brand has incorporated the latest technology to make its stores interactive and well-networked. The experience has moved beyond the touch and feel of live smartphones to bringing alive its fascinating features, when wirelessly connected to its corresponding accessories. Another revolutionary addition to the in-store experience has been the free data transfer facility incorporated across all 800 outlets of The MobileStore in the country.

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