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Top 3 Beauty Trends you Need to Know from Fashion Weeks

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It all comes together at the fashion weeks – the hair, make-up and nails! While the designers are putting their heads together to create the most fantastic ensemble, our hair and beauty experts are working alongside them thinking of hair and make-up looks to further enhance and complement the look. Salon India has identified the new beauty trends moving into mainstream, with a strong season expected for face and nail products in particular.

Bare faced beauty
There is nothing more fetching than a woman who allures with only her face sans make-up. The popularity of primers and foundations has boomed over recent years, with one in five women using such products. With the trend for facial make-up moving toward a softer look, the proportion of women using only feature highlighting make-up can be expected to continue to rise.

Thick lashes
Poets have written reams on them and our hair and beauty experts can’t seem to have enough of this one sexy little add-on – artificial eyelashes. According to Mintel, false eyelashes have the lowest penetration among the colour cosmetics segments, standing at 7 per cent in 2013, with the lower usage rate attributed to their trickier application and more dramatic look. However as bolder lashes move into the mainstream, more women can be encouraged to use these products.

Colour goes pop
All the major beauty brands have launched intensive colour products – be it lipsticks, eyeshadows or nail paint. It is an accepted fact that younger women are more comfortable experimenting with new colours and styles as compared to the young at heart. However, some women who aren’t comfortable experimenting with bright colours on the lips or eyes, nail colour cosmetics are perfectly positioned to harness this trend now.

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