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spot_img a New Fashion Store Inspired by Astrological Signs

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Recently launched by Fashions of the Zodiac LLC, the retail website features 12 collections of women’s fashions, one for each sign of the zodiac. The newly launched store, found at, promises a personalized shopping experience not offered by other clothing retailers. To shop for clothes at this store, customers consult their astrological signs, which helps them find the items that best match their personalities. Each collection of clothing in the store exhibits a certain style – which includes particular colors, embellishments, and accessories – inspired by the preferred fashions of each sign. With the launch of their online store, Fashions of the Zodiac debuted 12 collections of women’s fashions, available now at

According to the store’s founders, astrological fashion is more than a fascinating notion; it’s an opportunity to offer shoppers entire collections of clothing aligned to their tastes. After years of studying the styles associated with each star sign, co-founders Victoria Watson and Eric Morales devised a unique way to organize fashions based on what they believe are timeless truths. “Zodiac fashion sense is not a fashion trend or something that will go out of style, deep rooted fashion senses based on astrological characteristics have always been present. Prior to the mid 1900’s, Fashion was somewhat suppressed by sociological boundaries, manufacturing capabilities and cultural differences throughout much of the world. Only in the last 20 years, has Astrological fashion really started to blossom as women freely express their inner fashion senses” says Morales, the company’s CEO. He believes the concept of astrological fashion is gaining popularity, especially among young adults.

At the 2014 MAGIC fashion trade show in Las Vegas, representatives from Fashions of the Zodiac surprised industry experts by analyzing their outfits and correctly guessing their astrological signs. At the new online store, shoppers can browse and purchase items such as dresses, blazers, leggings, lingerie, shoes, and swimwear—all categorized by the astrological signs, like Virgo and Aries.

In the coming months, Fashions of the Zodiac plans to add men’s, kids’, and plus size collections to their online store. To further expand their selection and inspire their shoppers this summer, the store will announce a fashion design contest, asking customers to submit their own astrology-inspired ideas; the winning design will be manufactured as part of the 2015 Zodiac Collection. Fashions of the Zodiac plans to open their first retail store in Denver early next year.

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