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Short Hair Look Trendy But Not Elegant: Carlos Saavedra

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A bit if an eccentric, Carlos Saavedrais sure that he would have been a dancer if not a hair stylist. He cuts with a light step of his feet as he follows the style and movements of world renown Rossano Ferretti. Carlos talks to Salon India about how he started his career at the tender age of 16 and later gets chosen by one of the world famous hair stylist.

The Journey

When I was 13 years old, I was already cutting my sibling’s and my father’s hair. My family pushed me into giving hair styling a try since I was good at it and also enjoyed it. So by the age of 16 I was a qualified hair dresser. For a brief period, I was also required to join the army service where again I was the hair dresser. Even though I hated being in the army, I mastered clippers and barbering. Then later, I moved to Amsterdam, where I worked under a hair stylist who for the first time taught me to cut hair while being seated. In 2001, September 12, which was just one day after the twin towers had fallen down, I packed my bags and ventured to London.


Not knowing English was a bit of a challenge when I went to work in London. My customers were often amused when I communicated gesticulating like a monkey. Of course I understood technicalities because of the technical terms but I began to realise how important it is to know different languages. Fortunately Lorenza (Ferretti) spoke only Italian, when I trained under her. It was a challenge initially to leave everything behind to dedicate my time to being trained. It was like going back to school again. In almost 30 years of my life I used to working in a particular style and in a particular movement, but Lorenzo asked me to change that completely.


More than trends, in India, it is more to do with culture. Majority of the Indian women like long hair. A few people prefer short hair probably because of their lifestyle or convenience. Customers in India like layers and a side trim, without changing the length of the hair.

Working at Rossano Ferretti

Rossano Ferretti has the philosophy of creating a legendary experience for every customer that walks in so that they go back with good memories. I also want to give customers the most unique experience. Compared to the market, our hair cuts are very expensive, because the hair cuts are completely different. The way we treat hair is different we provide a luxury service. Nobody in Bangalore has ever seen hair being cut in this way. The movements and the technique is very different. It is only people who can understand the brand who comes back to us. We have customers who have insisted on getting a hair cut even before we could finished the interiors of the salon. There are clients who are very well-travelled and are familiar with the brand.


It is an achievement for me when I have customers who call me and come back to me especially when I am still very new to India. It is amazing. Also to be chosen by Rossano Ferretti himself: it was like a pay back for all the hard work that I had done all these years.

Favourite look

Most of the successful top models have similar hair cuts which are long, with layers, a lot of volume and very elegant. At the same time short hair can make a person very trendy, young and pretty but not elegant.

Would love to style

I would like to style Aishwarya Rai one day.

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