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Aberdeen Group unveils ‘The Food Retail Technology Guide’

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Aberdeen Group, provider of fact-based research focused on the global technology-driven value chain, has released a technology guide which peeks into rapidly changing future. ‘The Food Retail Technology Guide’ provides an assessment of the current upheaval and planned areas for reviving food retailing in 2010 through a combination of business and technology strategic drivers. The analysis highlights the state of the customer, business and systems in this vital segment of retail, with a primary focus on two key factors: mobile couponing and web couponing.

According to the report, 2010 will be a crucial year for food retail revival. The surveys also points that even though food retailers are at the forefront of bearing the brunt of harsh economic realities, increased competition for consumer wallet share and dynamic shelf-level customer preferences, the focus on both traditional and non-traditional business process and technology improvements continues unabated.

According to ‘The Food Retail Technology Guide’, M-Dot has a comprehensive loyalty platform and ecosystem relationships to deliver seamless cross-channel loyalty needs of retailers. In retail, web and mobile loyalty and response-marketing programs are giving traditional mediums a run for their money. M-Dot provides both web and mobile loyalty programs that can add value to the current loyalty and marketing programs of retailers.

Business sustenance and growth, within grocery, supermarket and general merchandise food retail is not possible with traditional business processes and technologies alone. For appealing to the buying sense of consumers, food retailers need to expand customer-centric improvements, supply chain and replenishment programs more rapidly in hopes of re-engaging and re-activating the less loyal customers and keeping existing customers extremely satisfied. These are the imperatives for creating a customer-ready retail environment. The need of the hour is to elevate business process, technology infrastructure and technology application layers.

— IndiaRetailing Bureau

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