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Inglot plans expansions

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Polish brand Inglot has reduced its prices in November, while revamping its plans for the Indian market. Kamal Kotak, Director, Major Brands who distributes the brand in India shares his perspective on the brand and the changing prices.

How has 2009 been in terms of sales?

Growth of around 50 percent, up from 2008.

What are the learnings about the Indian consumer?

Indian consumers are now open to try new products and bright colors. Consumers are willing to spend on non traditional cosmetics. Earlier, make-up for customers meant only foundation, lipstick and blush. Now they spend on illuminators, highlighters, bronzer etc. They are open trying bright shades and look for new colors every time.

What are the star products that sell best?

The Freedom Palette has been one of our fast selling products because through this feature we give our customers an option to customize their make-up. They can choose from a variety of products for the face, eyes and lips in one palette. It`s make-up on the go!

Plans to open new outlets in 2010?

We will be opening five new outlets of Inglot in 2010.

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