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Jawed’s budget salon concept

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The Jawed Habib empire has come up with a distinct new-concept salon targeting the lower and middle sections of society. By shelling out just Rs 99 (inclusive of service tax), one can get a quick hair makeover. “I think the image of Jawed Habib brand is very expensive, so we are introducing the Jawed Habib Hair express which offers a dry haircut at Rs 99, without the use of shampoos and chemicals,” says hairstylist Jawed Habib. The first salon has been launched in Vashi Mumbai in April and is expected to open at airports and railway stations across India, recognizable with its dominant red color. At an average size of 2 x 8 x 8 feet, the Jawed Habib Hair Express booth will carry a wide range of products related to hair aesthetics. “It will act as a retailing counter for everything to do with hair, including products our own brand brushes, straightening tongs, dryers and other products at the center,” he says.

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