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Mineral make-up: Hot trends for eyes

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Everyone knows that mineral make-up is the new rage. ‘New’ is a subjective term, however, for minerals in make-up have been around for decades. What is new are the formulations and mixes, the combination of ranges as well as the new marketing (not to mention prices!) by companies all around the globe.

The new ranges are promising much: this loose powder is often hypoallergenic, without perfume, alcohol or preservatives.

Make-up artists and dermatologists are recommending it highly, especially for more sensitive areas like the eyes, which they say is a particularly good investment.

“Mineralized eye make-up is fast becoming a huge beauty trend,” says Vimi Joshi, MAC Make-up Artist. “The eye shadows blend into the skin cre-ating a smooth finish that looks like satin. That’s why a lot of women are turning towards mineralized make-up. It’s finish is very natural and appears dewy on the skin”.

Since the prime ingredients used in mineral make-up are inorganic this means that bacteria and microbes cannot live in the make-up and infect the skin. Mica, titanium dioxide, zinc and iron oxides and ultramarine pigments are used.

“The mineral oils in the eyeshadow are very nourishing and conditioning for the skin. They contain a blend of 77 mineral oils that are infused in water as part of a yeast extracting process. Pigments are added and the mixture is baked and shaped for 24 hours,” adds Joshi.

Given below are some tips and information you may require to master this powdery medium which may be harder to apply but is worth the results

Eye these advantages
Mineral make-up not only has the benefit of being a natural product that is good for your skin, it also stays put until you wash (or perspire!) it off. The ability of minerals to adhere to skin means that mineral eyeshadows are very crease-resistant and won’t fade. Mineral make-up’s texture is lighter and different. Even with more coverage, experts say you’ll see a natural, translucent radiance and more of your skin, which can breathe.

Pick the right shades
The eyeshadow shades selected are based on personal taste and the colors that look good with the skin tone and eyes.

Daytime eyeshadow:
For less dramatic daytime colors use just one or two shades of shadow; a medium shade on the lid and a lighter shade under the brow and towards the inside of the eye.

Dramatic eyeshadow for the night
To achieve a more dramatic night-time look, use three shades of color. Start with the technique for day-time application, and then add a third, darker shade to the crease and outer eye.

Applying Mineral Eye Shadow
To look like a pro while app-lying mineral eyeshadow, follow the steps below:

Step 1: After selecting the right match of colors sprinkle some of each powdered mineral eye shadow into the lid of its jar. This will help avoid using too much and reduce wastage.

Step 2: Using an oval or angled eyeshadow brush, dip the tip into the loose powder and then tap the bush on the edge of the lid to remove excess minerals.

Step 3: Swirl your brush in the lid, to help the mineral powder adhere evenly to the bristles of the brush. Then tap the brush on the lid to remove any excess minerals.

Step 4: Sweep the light sha-dow under your brow and towards your inner eye, blending for a natural look. Then dip the brush into the medium shadow, again tapping on the jar lid to remove excess powder. Sweep the medium color over your lid, and blend.

Tip: A little bit of mineral goes a long way.

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