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Bosch packaging technology recently launched the new SVI 2620 packaging machine in India. Attributes such as the machine’s low height and numerous retrofitting options make the new SVI 2620 vertical bagger ideal for a wide range of food and non-food products. SVI 2620 is the cost-effective and competitive solution for manufactures looking to increase their production efficiency. It is capable of performing multiple standard bag styles. For production of pillow bags, side gusseted bags and stand-up block bottom bags, the operator simply needs to change the adjustable forming set. This flexibility allows shorter delivery time and offers a high variety of packaging styles for point-of-sale diversity. For corner sealing, the manufacturer can upgrade the machine with an additional modular unit without the need to change or adapt the machine height or the dosing platform. This reduces downtime during format change and increases the overall performance of the Equipment.

Essential Features:
• Designed to package an unlimited range of food and non-food Products
• Output range of 10 to 120 bags per minute
• Low machine height enables higher production speed and increases overall efficiency equipment (OEE)
• Retrofit option for unique bag styles – Corner seal /Doy
• Comes with the advanced technology of vacuum-assisted film draw off assures precise film Transport
• Servo assisted cross seal system assures safe and reliable seals at higher speeds
• Large height adjustable touch screen panel offers easy operator interface and makes trouble shooting and operation very Easy.
• Offers heatsealing and polysealing options, with freely adjustable sealing temperatures according to product Specification.
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Self Service
Acrelec the inventor and leading company, in self-order kiosks in the QSR sector, has been supporting foremost players in the market in implementing and deploying the technology of automated selforder kiosks. With self-order kiosks, orders can be taken in few minutes thanks to an intuitive, user-friendly software interface, where products are displayed as pictures and from which orders are automatically sent to the kitchen. Customers can pay with their credit card and products may be retrieved immediately from a dedicated counter. Because of orders processed within two minutes with the use of self-order kiosks, queuing areas will be less congested, customer numbers will keep on increasing and staff will be able to focus on service. 
Key Features:
• Increases the average meal tray thanks to additional products that are systematically suggested when closing the order
• Increase the number of transactions 
• Reduces the risk of errors when taking the order  • Builds customer loyalty through a loyalty programme
• Improves staff productivity 
• Facilitate an intuitive discovery of the full range of products
Currently, Acrelec has established self-order kiosks in over 30 countries worldwide and systematically develops local structures to provide maintenance and proximity, quality support.
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