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Spa directions: Key trends

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The International SPA Association’s network of more than 3,000 members in 75 countries contribute to the ISPA’s Spa Industry Trend Watch report, making it a comprehensive overview of what your customers will want from you too. Here are five key trends that would help you look ahead:

Spa lifestyles equal healthy lifestyles: 51 percent of US spas offer educational programs and nutritional consultations, 40 percent offer healthy eating classes, 26 percent have educational offerings on obesity or weight gain issues and 17 percent offer exercise programs for children and teens.
The next generation of spa-goers: With 16 percent of spas offering teen programs, 34 percent offering teen packages and 17 percent offering packages for children; pre-teens and teens are a big business opportunity.

Corporate wellness: “A spa experience is the perfect way for employers to show their team that they care about their health and well-being,” ISPA President Linda McNees states.

Luxury brands invest in spas: Some of the well-known brands include the first Armani-branded spa in Tokyo, Versace Group’s spa at its Australian resort, spas at Bulgari’s hotels in Milan and Bali, and Prada Beauty’s line exclusively at Ritz-Carlton properties, uber-luxury spas are cropping up around the world.
Greening grows: As 76 percent of US spas apply environmentally sustainable practices, the spa community’s commitment to the environment is not a passing phase.

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