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German furnishing brand Nolte launches in Hyderabad

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Nolte, a leading German home and kitchen furnishing brand opens its fourth exclusive concept store ‘Nolte Home Studio’ at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad and also makes its entry into the city. The store offers the brand’s latest range of completely co-ordinated bedrooms and customized kitchens. Before launching in Hyderabad, Nolte already had two stores in Bangalore and one in Mumbai and now plans to open four to five stores in the financial year 2009-10 with Delhi, slated as being the next, later this year.

Nolte Group, a 620 million Euro manufacturing company and a leading manufacturer retailer of kitchen and home furnishing in Germany made its foray in India with opening its first concept store in Bangalore in 2006 in partnership with the SJR Group, a Bangalore based real estate developer. The brand is planning to focus on the Indian market through its exclusive concept stores called ‘Nolte Home Studio’ across the country with a wide range of furniture collections and kitchen setup modules, says Suchita Talwar, director, Nolte Home Studio, India.

According to her, “Indian customers today are well travelled and have discerning taste for good quality, design and value. And that is precisely what Nolte offers.”

The range of products available in India is totally manufactured only in Germany, informs Talwar.

“We see India as a very potential market and the last three years of our operation supports our view. Our product and price range cater to a wide range of customers from the middle to the upper class in the Indian context,” adds Talwar.

The price range of furniture for bedrooms starts from Rs 1.25 lakhs to 13 lakhs and for kitchens from Rs 2 lakhs and can go up to as high as even Rs 35 lakhs.

The Nolte Home Studio at Hyderabad spreading over 4,500 sq. ft. also showcases the latest collection of Germany’s noted fashion label ‘JOOP’ beside Nolte’s own collection.

According to Nolte, the brand is expecting a turnover of Rs 100 crore in India by 2011. “We are also looking at a Delhi launch in the next three months,” informs Talwar.

— Sangita Ghosh

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