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TINA: Wipro’s hi-tech solution for retailers

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Wipro Technologies, the IT services division of Wipro Limited, launched The Intelligent NextGen Associate (TINA), a retail automation platform developed as part of customer experience enrichment program at Wipro’s Applied Innovation Lab.

TINA is a platform on which customer interaction applications that use speech, touch and motion may be deployed.

“As Retailers seek to differentiate themselves in an increasing competitive and challenging marketplace, the cornerstones to success are to understand the customer lifecycle needs and provide them with a superior shopping experience at every stage through that lifecycle. TINA helps us get one step closer to that dream,” said Bhanumurthy B M, senior vice president, retail CPG and distribution, Wipro Technologies.

Since Wipro TINA platform is SOA enabled it can play an important part in the overall cross channel strategy for retailers. TINA is fully connected to the store and the retailer’s enterprise through WiFi empowering it with real time information on pricing, on-shelf inventories, and promotions.

TINA can also be leveraged to audit store execution covering areas ranging from planograms, price optimization to promotion execution. Further, new product information and educational content can be rolled out instantaneously across stores which are served by TINA.

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