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mCaffeine partners with GoKwik to boost D2C revenue by 70%

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mCaffeine will leverage GoKwik’s 100 million shopper network

New Delhi:  mCaffeine has partnered with eCommerce enabler GoKwik in a bid to boost the caffeinated skincare brand’s online sales, the company announced in a press release on Tuesday.

The partnership aims to enhance the retailer’s online presence, increase its market share by 10% in key categories, increase revenue by 70% this year and expand its D2C footprint nationwide, the release added.

mCaffeine will leverage GoKwik’s 100 million shopper network along with features like one-tap OTP login, pre-filled addresses, extensive discounts, rewards, loyalty partnerships and exhaustive payments suite.

“With GoKwik’s eCommerce acumen, we are set to redefine the shopper experience in the growing D2C landscape. With their solutions like KwikCheckout, we are already seeing a positive upward movement in our conversions, and overall revenue growth. We are positive this partnership will further help us in establishing a deeper, and lasting footprint across India, and compliment the next phase of our growth,” said Vaishali Gupta, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, mCaffeine.

mCaffeine offers a range of skincare and haircare products like face wash, cleansers, serums, face masks, body wash, body scrubs, body lotion, shampoo, hair oil, hair serums, eye patches, under eye creams. The retailer’s revenue increased by 51.8% last year.

“We will be committing fully to amplifying mCaffeine’s digital footprint, ensuring they not only meet but exceed shopper expectations. This partnership is another step in creating an ecosystem where eCommerce brands continue to disrupt, thrive and grow,”said Chirag Taneja, Co-Founder and CEO, GoKwik.

GoKwik’s tech and data-led solutions, including its category creator product, KwikCheckout, are designed to enable eCommerce brands to scale up their growth.

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