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Google unveils new Generative AI-based features for gift ideas, shopping

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Mannu Mathew
Mannu Mathew
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The new Generative AI features launched are based on Google’s new initiative of enhancing search with the Search Generative Experience (SGE)

New Delhi:  Search engine giant Google has rolled out three Generative AI-based features to help customers get the best shopping experience while finding holiday gifts, wrote Julie Black, Director of Product, Consumer Shopping, Google on the company’s blog.

According to the information shared, Google aims to enhance the shopping experience with ways like AI-based gifting ideas, facilitating shopping what’s on the mind and virtual try-on methods.

“Technology has improved so many aspects of the way we shop, like how we research, find inspiration, try out products and look for deals,” said Black.

“We approach the busiest shopping weeks of the year, technology — especially generative AI — is making it much easier to find gifts for others,” added Black.

3 new features by Google for shopping and gifting

AI-generated gift ideas

Google’s new Search Generative Experience (SGE) that combines AI capabilities to search faster and easily is useful for gifting suggestions too. Google has announced a new capability with the SGE to help shoppers find the best gift.

AI-generated gift ideas | Image Credit: Google

A typical use case scenario that the company cites is buying a gift for cooking enthusiasts. One can easily ‘Search gifts for home cooks’ and the results will offer a wide variety of categories to explore from speciality tools, ingredients, and subscriptions to training sessions.

The Search categories can again be classified into different areas. Google claims that the SGE is designed as a point to explore the entire options on the web. This tool is presently available in the U.S. in Google applications and Chrome.

Shopping what’s on mind

Google data reveals that almost 20% of shoppers put queries that are five words or longer, these shoppers have a particular vision in mind that sometimes is hard to convey.

Shopping what’s on mind | Image Credit: Google

The company has announced a new way to put the items in a shopper’s mind to the cart with an AI-powered image generation for shopping.

The company has started connecting image-generation technology with more than 35 billion listings to help visualise and find styles a particular shopper looks at.

For instance, if a person looks for a particular product, s/he will have the option to generate images inspired by words that they search for and buy products that match those images.

Virtual try on

With Generative AI, shoppers can get a better idea of what piece of clothing will look good on them. Google already has a tool where generative AI-powered virtual try-on tool that helps women shoppers find products to try on.

Today, it has extended the same feature to men as well. One needs to search for a product like a men’s top and click on the try-on icon.

Google unveils new Generative AI-based features for gift ideas, shopping
Virtual Try On | Image Credit: Google

The next step follows tapping on the result to see how that piece of clothing looks on a real model who resonates with shoppers. There are 40 models ranging in different skin tones, body shapes, heights and sizes which helps shoppers make confident decisions.

Earlier, India Retailing reported about Google’s new features to help small-scale retailers and merchants in the US region.

Please note that whenever Google rolls out a new feature, it is generally tested and implemented first in the U.S. region before rolling it out in other countries. Following this pattern, these features may be expected to be launched in India as well in the coming months.

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