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Making a new-age product

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How ideas are transformed into tangible products that capture markets and win consumers

In a world teeming with boundless opportunities, the emergence of a new-age product marks the commencement of a captivating journey—an odyssey that stretches from inception to the hearts of consumers. This expedition seamlessly blends the artistry of creativity with the acumen of marketing expertise, narrating a story that unfurls through meticulously orchestrated phases. Join us as we set out on this captivating voyage, where ideas transform into tangible marvels, captivating the world with their brilliance.


At the core of every exceptional product lies the germ of an idea—an ember of brilliance that ignites the fires of creation. Here, amid the deliberate contemplation of tangible and intangible pros and cons, we explore the fertile terrain of brand expansion, business enrichment, and diversification. As we venture into uncharted waters, imagination blossoms, giving rise to concepts that beckon us toward new horizons.


No journey towards innovation is complete without the guiding beacon of research. Submerged in a vast sea of data, we extract insights from the voices of our customers, scour the expansive realm of Google and marketplace searches, and glean wisdom from the ancient scrolls of white papers and industry reports. With each nugget of knowledge, we unearth hidden opportunities, fueling the flames of innovation.


Here, in the realm of conceptualization, the product’s essence is laid bare—enveloped in the artistry of packaging, formulations, actions, ingredients, and utility. Each stroke of creativity adds depth to its character, while each carefully chosen element weaves a narrative that captivates the senses. The product emerges, embodying the vision of its creators and leaving the world spellbound in eager anticipation.

Proof of Concept

A pivotal juncture in the journey, the proof of concept bridges the chasm between imagination and reality. It is here that we unveil the closest semblance to the actual product—a testament to the unwavering commitment to our vision. With each precise step, we craft a masterpiece of promise, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the product’s potential.


Innovation pays homage to the altar of quality, and thus the proof of concept undergoes rigorous testing. Thorough assessments and product certifications ensure that our creation adheres to the highest standards of excellence. Through this crucible of scrutiny, our vision gains unshakeable integrity. This phase also encompasses pre-approvals related to the product’s legalities and services.

Planning and Production

As the pieces of the puzzle align, meticulous planning and expert production take center stage. The grand vision of the product metamorphoses into tangible reality, as the gears of progress turn with unwavering precision. Behind the scenes of production, a symphony of dedication and expertise orchestrates the harmonious birth of the final product.

Market Entry

With the stage set, the curtains rise for the grand spectacle of market entry. Here, the enchantment of photography, video production, and written content planning unfolds, casting a mesmerizing spell over the audience. Expertly choreographed shelf placements and trade agreements take the spotlight, while consumer testers and samples invite eager participants to partake in the wonder. Offers and promotions add a flourish of excitement, igniting desire among the masses.

Media Strategy

In the grand symphony of marketing, media strategy wields the conductor’s baton, guiding the crescendo of consumer desire. With a compelling call to action, the product’s narrative reverberates across various channels, captivating hearts and minds alike. Strategic placements ensure that the message resonates far and wide, enticing all who encounter it to partake in the marvel.

Customer Feedback

Every journey serves as a learning experience, and customer feedback acts as a compass, steering us towards growth and refinement. Embracing this invaluable insight, we refine our product, ensuring it continues to resonate with the ever-evolving desires of our audience. This iterative process births continuous innovation, solidifying the product’s place in the hearts of those it serves.

The new-age product expedition is not merely a conventional Stage-Gate Process but a saga of unyielding passion and unwavering commitment. It stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that emerge when creativity intertwines with marketing brilliance. As the product’s allure captivates consumers, it embarks on a transformative quest, enriching lives and redefining industries. At each stage of this epic odyssey, we catch glimpses of the limitless potential of human ingenuity—a guiding light leading us toward an inspiring future where innovation knows no bounds.

Marketing enthusiast and growth scientist Aditya Yadav is Brand Manager at Denver for Men.

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