Domino’s launches 20-minutes delivery service


Domino’s is introducing the service across 20 zones in 14 cities in India 

New Delhi: Domino’s Pizza has introduced a 20-minute delivery service across 20 zones in 14 cities in India. In October 2021, Domino’s had already piloted the service in a few locations with heavy store density.

The brand was one of the first to introduce short-deliveries in the country in the segment. It offered a 30-minute delivery promise failing which, a customer would receive a full refund.

“This unparalleled 20-minute delivery announcement underlines Domino’s delivery prowess and is a benchmark proposition revolutionizing the QSR sector,” said Sylvia, Dutta, Head of Corporate Communications, Jubilant Foodworks Ltd in a LinkedIn post.

Short delivery cycles often raise concerns regarding safety of delivery personnel. To address this, Domino’s is backing up the 20-minute delivery promise by enhancing and optimizing in-store processes and operational efficiencies including, dynamic resource planning and technology upgradation. Domino’s will also expand stores in the areas where it is offering the service.

This will allow the brand to optimize the time taken to complete the process, thus ensuring that the pizzas are delivered within the 20 minutes time frame without compromising on the product’s taste and quality and the safety of the delivery riders.

“We at Domino’s are committed to providing the best pizza-eating experience to our consumers, and the 20-minutes delivery promise is a big step in that direction. With this initiative, customers will now get hotter, fresher and tastier pizzas from 100s of Domino’s stores across Indi,” said Sameer Khetarpal, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited.

India, being the largest market for the brand outside the US, the new service might prove to be a step ahead in improving its profits.

“India is a great example of successfully driving consumer-centric strategies across all business verticals. The 20 minutes delivery launch, in which pizzas are delivered hotter, fresher and tastier, is just another example of the consumer-centric approach of India. Elevated consumer experience through reduced delivery time is proven to deliver better customer satisfaction and lead to increase frequency across the market. This strategic move will give Domino’s India an edge over the competition in the QSR domain and help the brand continue to be the market leader,” said Russell Weiner, Chief Executive Officer, Domino’s Pizza.

Founded in 1960, Domino’s is a global brand headquartered in Michigan, United States. Domino’s stores are located at 18,848 locations in more than 90 countries as of January 2022.

Domino’s came to India in 1996 with a store in New Delhi.