India gets new e-commerce marketplace –

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A new marketplace for online shopping – Skyline India – has launched in the country. The platform caters to both wholesale and retail shoppers simultaneously. A subsidiary to its global branch that is based out of New York, USA, Skyline is scheduled to launch in other regions across the world by the end of Q1 2022. Currently, both the global portal as well as the Indian one are ready to go for customers and sellers.

Skyline has already on-boarded more than 15,000 sellers throughout India and more than 200,000 products uploaded for both wholesale and retail. Their goal is to connect small businesses with customers thousands of kilometers away with just a few clicks. Here price is in complete control of the seller. “Skyline’s commission is, bar none, in a category of its own,” says Prabhat Chandra, Head of Vendor Operations, Skyline India.

Skyline was first established in 2019 in New York City. The e-commerce market creates a link between sellers and buyers regardless of their postal code or geographical coordinates.