Businesses have leveraged technology to boost revenue, enhance customer experience and survive in the tough times. But how has it impacted supply chain, warehouse management?


Welcome to TechWay Pod, where we decode the trends, opportunities and innovations of the retail-tech segment  across India. In this episode of TechWay Pod, we talked to Kunal Mehta about Micro-Fulfillment Centres(MFCs).

Kunal Mehta, is an industry expert, with over two decades of experience in the across IT strategy, digital transformation and enterprise IT operations. He joins Bhavesh Pitroda, to explore the possibilities and challenges of micro-warehousing in e-commerce.

They also discuss:

  • Traditional warehousing vs Micro warehousing
  • Impact on Indian retail sector
  • Challenges of  MFC
  • Opportunities in B2B, D2C segments