Atulit Chokhani, Founder, The Tea Shelf


Born into a family that has been in the tea business for many generations and fuelled by his love for tea, it did not take much for Atulit Chokhani to get into the fray. From learning the art and expertise of tea business from his father who is a tea planter, researcher and an expert tea taster to taking over the reins of the family business and managing tea estates starting 2008, a lot came naturally.  Since then, he has been developing the business not only as an entrepreneur but also as an ardent tea lover.
It’s his passion for good tea, sharp business acumen and his desire to share the love of fresh premium teas with co-tea drinkers worldwide that led to the birth of The Tea Shelf in 2014. Thence, adding on a new dimension to the traditional family business of planting, producing and exporting teas.
Chokani has a degree in Chemical Engineering from RV College, Bangalore and an MBA in Family Managed Business from the SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, which has backed his entrepreneurial journey to set new standards and benchmarks in the tea trade through the use of technology, innovation while maintaining the originality and authenticity of the family’s tea provenance from the estates to the cups.
Apart from being the Tea Curator and Founder of The Tea Shelf, Atulit has the added responsibility as the Partner, JM Agro Industries, Partner, Bharat Engineering Works, CEO & Sales Head, Mahadeobari Tea Co Pvt Ltd and CEO & Sales Head, Sadiya Frontier Pvt Ltd, which neatly encapsulates his roles around the tea industry.
A tea enthusiast with a masterful tea-palate and strong hold in the tea business, what sets him apart as a teapreneur is his hands on experience in the entire tea manufacturing process. However, this is not just a place of trade alone, for Atulit Chokhani, it is also an outlet for his tea tasting chronicles which is reflected in the heartfelt products and flavours his company creates for tea lovers.