Jacqueline Kapur, Founder, Ayesha Accessories


The multi-talented and multi-faceted Jacqueline Kapur dons many hats with practiced ease. The mother of two, homemaker, equestrian sportsperson, businesswoman and star mom was born in Germany and moved to Pondicherry in 1989. She studied Japanese at the University of Bochum and the Japanese Language Institute in Tokyo, Japan.
She started Hidesign’s garment division in 1989. She oversaw and designed the jackets for Hidesign till 2005-06. She runs Casablanca one of India’s first multi-brand department stores which opened in 1999. With Titanic she opened up her personal shopping paradise to the people of Pondicherry in 2000.
Equestrian sport has been Jacqueline’s personal passion since early childhood. In 2000 Jacqueline and a group of friends started The Red Horse Riding School (RERS) with 2 horses only. In 2009 RERS was proud to host the Junior National Equestrian Championship and is home to nearly 30 horses.
Ayesha, her daughter, often accompanied Jacqueline on her merchandising trips and enjoyed the process of sourcing interesting jewellery and artifacts. Over time Casablanca’s hot selling accessories section became a fusion of Ayesha and Jacqueline’s tastes. In 2010 Ayesha and Jacqueline started their new brand Ayesha Accessories.