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Parrots grace CaratLane’s display window

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Click-to-brick jewellery retailer CaratLane has recently executed window revolving around the beauty of one of India’s household birds, Parrot to promote the jewellery line, Pero, which is also inspired by the beauty of the bird.

The window, executed in three versions depending on market, store sizes and window availability, graced all 65 stores of CaratLane across the country.

Narrating the window subject and execution materials, Radhika McGregor, VP – Projects & VM, shared with, “Parrot has been a dearly household pet at Indian households for many years. Since our jewellery line, Pero, is inspired by the beauty of the bird, we decided to use the bird as the central theme of our window scheme. Although we couldn’t execute the primary/larger representation of the window at all stores due to constraint of spaces, we have tried to accommodate 2-3 bird figures at each window. To add more story, the corners of these parrot figures are made with Indian printing blocks, thus we have tried to represent some hidden Indian craft.”

The feature parrot figures, made of MDF, are attached with standees that look like those which used to anchor the birds at Indian houses. The base of the standees are made of wood, while the central part is made of metal painted with wooden finishes. The window also uses additional components like artificial foliage and vinyl backdrop.

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