Radhika McGregor

Clicks-to-bricks brands and their store experience learnings

By the end of 2018, even though the global online retail sales surpassed US $2.8 trillion, more than 82 percent of overall sales still happened via brick-and-mortar stores. In India, the e-commerce contribution to the overall retail sales is...

Parrots grace CaratLane’s display window

Click-to-brick jewellery retailer CaratLane has recently executed window revolving around the beauty of one of India’s household birds, Parrot to promote the jewellery line, Pero, which is also inspired by the beauty of the bird. The window, executed in three...
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The Growing Urban Sprawl is likely to Spread Beyond Tier I Cities in 2023

Apart from the Tier I cities, the ten key cities which saw retail and real estate development were Chandigarh,...
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