Sauvik Banerjjee, Chief Technology Officer, TataCliQ


What according to you are the three biggest/most important changes happening in the world of technology?

– Deep learning and it’s impact of large Data warehouses and Data Lakes
– Neural network driven machine learning
– Digital streaming platforms and the Analytics of video streaming

How do you think these changes will impact Indian retail?

Indian retail cannot move forward without a online offl ine mode. Data mining and Analytics via Deep and machine learning will play a key part on Indian consumer experience.

What are the 3 game changing technologies in the space of customer experience?

Clevertap’s Mobile Customer’s Marketing and targeting/Mad Street Den Vue. AI platform for personalisation and recommendation/SAP’s recast AI framework

What are the top priorities for you in the coming years you as CIO of the company/brand?

Customer engagement with data mining, customer experience with nimble high touch systems and processes and a agile develops team to cater to the exponential load of the Indian high traffic and its demand.

Top 3 challenges retailers will face from a Technology point of view in India?

To get rid of their legacy systems/ Embrace the technology driven new age process/ To make people get into brick and mortar retail and increase footfall with the growing e-commerce industry.

How is IoT shaping up the industry? Tell us about the role and signifi cance of IoT in your company?

IoT is shaping up more as a ‘sensor ‘Analytics vertical. It will play a massive role in supply chain and logistics.

Your top 3 favourite retail technologies, which you would like to introduce in India?

Radian 6 from Salesforce/ Adoption of IBM WATSON/ SAP’s Hybris reintroduce back in India