Vikram Idnani, Head-IT, Trent Ltd.


As the Head of IT, Vikram Idnani boosts performance of businesses via systematic technology investment and the measurement of ROI. By sharply focusing on IT strategy, he drives growth through IT transformation, simplicity of operations and customer satisfaction.
His strong program and change management skills were honed when he was a technology consultant in the US first and then in India and later as retail CIO. He brings a team-based and process-oriented outlook to new technology adoption.
Aside from retail, Idnani’s career spans sector like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, airlines and home-building. He also frequent speaks about and moderates topics pertaining to the use of technology in retail.
Idnani has also worked with companies like Syntel Inc as Engagement Editor, Hi Tech Consultant Inc as Consultant and Tata Consultancy Services as Consultant.
According to Idnani, the three most important changes happening in the world of technology are

  • an increased focus on customer experience and the innovative use of technology to shape customer experience
  • the introduction of artificial intelligence into mainstream customer-facing processes
  • the use of big data tools to mine data coming in through various channels and enable faster decision making.

Idnani believes the three game changing technologies in the space of customer experience are

  • Big Data mining tools
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality – a technology that excites him the most

He says if he wasn’t a CIO, he would be bitten by the travel bug, a wanderlust who trekked and travelled to the remotest places on this planet and the three places that he would love to visit are Gallapagos islands, Arctic circle, and Antartica.