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Re-Crafting Luxury!

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Founded in 1978 by  Dilip Kapur, Hidesign is a lifestyle group, which re-defined the vision of luxury in India through ethos of high quality, ecological values and personalised service. Hidesign has established its name through its iconic leather brand based on strong heritage of craftsmanship and innovationTalking about the leather accessories market, Kapur, states: “The export market is not doing well because of recession. The domestic market is doing well. Like anywhere else in the world, leather industry is becoming a luxury market whereas rest of the market is dominated by Chinese import of cheap synthetic leathers. The price difference in India between leather and synthetic is 2:1 whereas internationally it is 6:1. The difference will continue to increase and leather market will stay as aspirational luxury products while synthetic will be mass produced. Our growth rate has been steady between 15-30 per cent a year.”
The Customers
Hidesign’s customers are a well-informed, career oriented and cosmopolitan. Between the age group of 25-35.
Talking about the new age customers, Kapur, says: “The customer today is more demanding, but it’s a greater pleasure to create for a customer who knows what she wants. With the opening up of the retail markets, the average consumer has become exposed and far more aware of the foreign brands. Hidesign has successfully established its position as market leader in the India among lifestyle and leather goods. It is the only known brand in the ‘affordable’ luxury segment and targets a different consumer segment as against high-end luxury brands. Great quality, painstakingly created reputation over 35 years, heritage of vegetable tanned eco-friendly leathers and positive word of mouth has helped built Hidesign into a highly aspirational brand.”
The Products
An extensive range of bags such as the women’s handbags, totes, cross-bodies, clutches and wallets. The men’s collection consists of briefcases, messengers and city bags. The travel collection consists of wheelie bags and duffels. One can also pick up accessories such as belts, I-pad pouches, laptop bags, gift boxes, gift cards, sunglasses and shoes. In Hidesign, women’s handbags sell the most.
The Location
“We have a greater number
of stores in malls as compared to high street. The footfalls are greater in mall. “
Says, Kapur
The Stores
Average store size is 400-450 sq ft. Approx cost of setting up a store is `30-40 lakh
Marketing Strategy
Talking about the marketing strategy of the brand, Kapur, explains: “As a brand, we believe in communicating through PR and Social Media in addition to our own stores and malls. It has worked well for us so far. We continue to utilize these tools to the maximum to increase brand awareness and brand value at the same time. We also send e-mailers and SMS to our customers informing them about are new collections and offers.”
Hidesign has started deploying a large display screens at some of their stores to narrate the brand story, along with specially produced videos detailing the making of the product at the eco-friendly Hidesign atelier.
The Future
“We are looking at expanding at airports, Kerala, North-East and of course continuing expansion in the large metros. We have recently opened up a store in Jammu as well. Internationally, we continue to expand in USA where my son Vikas is looking after the business. We are looking at Oman, UAE and Bangladesh. This year we look at opening 10 more exclusive stores.” States, Kapur.
Online & Ecommerce
Talking about the emergence of online commerce, Kapur, says: “We do not discount our core bags on ecommerce which are 60 per cent of our bags. Approximately 10-15 per cent of our sales is on our website. We view Ecommerce is a powerful channel that has far higher visibility than any other channel, and it can therefore be great for our brand or distributors, largely on how we handle it. Apart from sales, we work with our Ecommerce partners to talk about our brand’s stories which will make a customer feel similar to walking in any of our stores.”
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